Technology Challenge Test

Technology Challenge Test
For students interested in taking the challenge test to meet the district's Minimum Technology Proficiency graduation requirement .

The Issaquah School District requires that students will understand and apply current and emerging technologies to extend their personal abilities and productivity. This technology graduation requirement specifies that students must be able to demonstrate a minimum proficiency level in technology.

The district recommends that students meet this requirement by successful completion of a computer science class* by the end of their 10th grade year. Should a student's schedule prohibit meeting that timeline the class may be taken during the 11th or 12th grade year. * See below for current classes which meet the requirement.

The class of 2012 and beyond are required to earn 1.0 CTE credit.

There are seven options for students  to meet the minimum technology proficiency graduation requirement which does not in itself provide CTE credit.

Meet Tech Proficiency Requirement and would count as CTE credit:

  1. Intro to Computer Science    .5 CTE credit     semester         Grades 9-12
  2. AP Computer Science         1.0  CTE credit    year- long       Grades 10-12
  3. IB Computer Science SL     1.0 CTE credit     year-long        Grades 11-12
  4. Web Design                             .5 CTE credit     semester         Grades 9-12

 Meet Tech Proficiency Requirement and would count as an elective credit:

       5.Online classes through Digital Learning Department
          a. Computer Application (Spokane Virtual Academy via DLD)
          b. Computer Fundamentals (Aventa via DLD)

Meet Tech Proficiency Requirement but will NOT count as credit.

        6. Test out - Tech Challenge test option.
        7. Successful completion of Tech Smart in middle school.

The Tech Challenge test has been phased out at the middle school level.

Contact your High School Tech Proficiency Coordinator to register for the test:

High School Tech Proficiency Coordinators:

Issaquah HS: Melanie Bonanno
Liberty HS:David Bradley 
Skyline HS: Brittney Parsons
Tiger Mountain Community HS: Val Lodholm

District Tech Proficiency Coordinator: Marcy O'Neill