Anti Bullying Assembly by Taproot Theater Taproot Theater presented play to students called Camp Super Friends, teaching about anti bullying, how to make friends and tolerance
Tap Root Theater Assembly Camp Super Friends Tap Root Theater came to teach us about anti bullying, tolerance, and how to make friends.
Kindergarten finally caught that tricky Ginger Bread Man after reading the clues he left all over school.
Cool Snow Man
Snowy Day at Cascade Ridge
Snow Day
Snow fun at recess
Going Green Assembly
Going Green Assembly
Going Green Assembly
Going Green Assembly
Going Green Assembly Our students enjoying a play about Going Green presented by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks Solid Waste Division
Ms. Shawver's class dressed in blue for World Diabetes Day!
Mrs. Kleinkopf after reading a story to Ms. Perkin's class
Veteran's Day Assembly
Spirit Day getting crazy and making us smile.
Kindergarteners getting crazy and wacky for school spirit day
Our Teachers getting Crazy on Spirit Day, Ms. Lisa, Mrs. Lichtenburger and Ms. Kari
School Spirit Day - Crazy, Wacky Friday
Welcome Back School Assembly
Welcome Back School Assembly
Cascade Ridge Elementary
Cascade Ridge Elementary
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Tia Kleinkopf Principal
Kathy Keegan Dean of Students


Join us in the Coyote Café at Cascade Ridge on Thursday, February 9, 2017 from 6:30-7:30 for Kindergarten Information Night. Learn about the registration process, pick up an enrollment packet and have a chance to ask questions. There will not be a tour at this time, but children are welcome to attend.

Things to remember:

  • New Kindergarten students MUST turn 5 years old by August 31, 2017.
  • Families MUST live in the Cascade Ridge attendance area.

Things to bring with you to register your student: (When packets are returned)

  • Child’s birth certificate or passport.
  • Immunization Records.
  • Two forms of residence verification. One must be a current gas, water, or electric bill. The other must be purchase papers, property tax statement or lease agreement for the property.
  • Parent identification.
  • Students will not be registered until we have the above required items.

Families not able to attend the information night on February 9th may pick up registration packets in the office beginning Friday, February 10th. Completed packets may be returned to the office starting February 10th between the hours of 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. The office will have extended hours on Thursday, March 2nd until 6:00 pm. Completed packets should be returned by March 10th.

Dear Cascade Ridge Families -

We thought it would be helpful to share answers to common questions and concerns that we received regarding school delays and closures. Deciding to delay or cancel school is a tough decision that must be made hours before buses and cars enter the roadways. Given the changeability of our weather and the size of our district, a decision may make sense in one part of the district and seem absolutely irrational in another part of the district.

Please make sure you check the sources below for delays or closures.  The Flash Alert messenger app for cell phones is handy to download.


When school is cancelled:

  • It means there is no staff on site. 
  • Coyote Club is closed
  • All activities are cancelled.

When school is on a two hour delay:

  • It means there is no staff at school to answer calls, or emails. Staff arrive at school when it is safe to travel the roads. 
  • Students are only to be dropped off 10 minutes prior to the start of school. 
  • Coyote Club is closed in the morning. 
  • All before school activities are cancelled.
  • A two hour delay means school starts two hours later at 10:30am.
  • Please avoid calling the school for closure information-check the Issaquah School District website.
  • Lunch will be served on the regular daily schedule.
  • School will be dismissed at the regular time: 2:55 pm – M, T, Th, F and 12:45 pm - W.
  • Please remember the same rules apply for two hour delays - drop-off times, parking lot rules and NO turning left out of the parking lot!  

Let's keep our Coyotes safe!

 Have a family plan! 

  • Critical for all emergencies!
  • Get to know your neighbors – exchange phone numbers.
  • Make sure you have a designated back up to meet your student in case you are unable to pick up from school.

Thank you for being proactive and keeping your family safe!   

Ways to find out about school delays or closures:

Parking Lot Rules:

  • Adults stay in car at all times. If you need to assist your child getting in or out of the car, you will need to park rather than use the drop off/pick up lane.
  • Students are ready to exit on the RIGHT only. Have coats on and backpacks/lunches nearby when you leave your house rather than waiting until it is time to exit. Students MUST exit to the right safely onto the sidewalk, not to the left into passing traffic.
  • Drop off/Pick up in the white lines only! Once you are in the diagonal white lines, you are ready to stop. But first, pull all the way forward, do not leave large gaps before stopping to drop off or pick up children. Do not stop in the cross walk.
  • Do not drop off on the “wrong” side of the parking lot! Wait until you have circled all the way around to the diagonal white lines. Do not drop off on the other side and allow your children to walk across the parking lot or cross walk.
  • Say your "Good byes", "I love yous" and reminders of the pick up plans as soon as you enter the parking lot. 
  • Drive slowly. Plan your drop off time so that it allows for traffic. If you are on a tight schedule, walking or riding with a friend is a better option.
  • Pay attention to adult crossing guards and student safety patrollers. They know the rules and are trying to enforce them for everyone’s benefit. Eyes up and not on cell phones or watching students walk to class.
  • Engage civilly. Moments of frustration are bound to occur. Remembering our Culture of Kindness and our District's Civility Regulation are important.