Challenger Vision Statement

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I can support you with...
  • Student Discipline/Behavior
  • Assessment/Standardized Testing
  • Guidance Team
  • Arrival/Dismissal 
  • Kindergarten Buses
  • Assemblies
  • VOICE Mentoring
  • Recess/Lunch Supervision
  • Emergency Preparedness and Safety
  • Educational Assistants
  • School Website and Technology Team
Calendar of Events
April 22           Festival of Cultures  6:00pm
April 26           Spring Music Concert - Drum/Orff Group  6:30pm
April 28           Kindergarten Field Trip to Seattle Aquarium
April 28           Issaquah Schools Foundation Luncheon   11:00am
April 30           Last Day for Eager Reader
5/4                  PTA Eager Reader Royal Reader Day
5/5                  4th Grade Field Trip to WA History Museum
5/5                  Student Council Meeting  3:00pm-3:45pm
5/6                  PTA Popcorn Friday
5/10                PTA General Meeting  7:00pm-8:00pm 
5/10                4th Grade Musical  6:30pm-7:00pm
5/11-5/13        5th Grade to Camp Orkila
Monthly PRIDE Skill

 Each month, Challenger focuses on a life skill.

 April's Life Skill is DEPENDABILITY.

Student Behavior Expectations

At Challenger, we adhere to the "3Rs." Challenger students, parents, volunteers, and staff members are expected to:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resourceful

Be Safe

Resources for Families

Mrs. Dziedzic's Connect Site

Mrs. Dziedzic's Connect Site
Dean of Students at Challenger Elementary School