Challenger Vision Statement

The Challenger community will create a positive, friendly, and respectful learning environment where staff and students feel safe, are willing and encouraged to take risks, and individual learning styles are recognized and nurtured.

Calendar of Events

June 02-04              PTA Book Fair
June 04                   PTA Art Walk
June 05                   Popcorn Friday
June 10                   Volunteer Luncheon
June 12                   Field Day
June 15                   1st Grade Field Trip to the Zoo
June 16                   5th Grade Promotion (10 am)
June 18                   LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Monthly PRIDE Skill

 The June PRIDE Skills are INTEGRITY and HONESTY.

Student Behavior Expectations

At Challenger, we adhere to the "3Rs." Challenger students, parents, volunteers, and staff members are expected to:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resourceful

Be Safe

Mrs. Dziedzic's Connect Site

Mrs. Dziedzic's Connect Site
Dean of Students at Challenger Elementary School