Mr. McCulloch's 5th Grade

Mr. McCulloch's 5th Grade
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Mr. McCulloch's 5th Grade

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8:25- Bell Work

8:40- Reading/Writing

10:00- Recess

10:15- Reading/Writing cont.

10:40- Math

12:00- Lunch

12:45- Read Aloud

1:00- Science/Social Studies/Health/Art

2:45- Planners and Clean-Up

2:55- Dismissal

*This is our general schedule and is subject to change based on our needs for each day.

Monday: 1:25-1:55- Music

Tuesday: 1:25-1:55- PE

1:55-2:55-Library (Every other week)

Wednesday: Computer Lab

Thursday: 1:25-1:55- Music

Friday: 1:25-1:55- PE

Kinder Buddies every other week on Fridays



Learning for the week 4/25-4/29:

Reading- This week we will be working on using context clues to discover the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary words.   

Writing- This week we will prepare to write our final draft of our first  memoirs.  We will work on editing and revising both parts (information and narrative) of our memoirs before completing a final draft.

Math- The class will be doing a volume problem solving activity.  The students will create and measure objects using what they have learned about the volume of rectangular prisms. 

Science- This week we continue our study of how living things survive and change.  We will be focusing on what happens when environments change, and then the students will be completing the chapter review.

Social Studies- We will begin our unit on Colonial Boston this week.  We will simulate some of the important events that led up to the Revolutionary War, and the students will work together to decide if they want to be Patriots or Loyalists based on these events.






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