Mr. McCulloch's 5th Grade

Mr. McCulloch's 5th Grade
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Mr. McCulloch's 5th Grade

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8:25- Bell Work

8:40- Reading/Writing

10:00- Recess

10:15- Reading/Writing cont.

10:40- Math

12:00- Lunch

12:45- Read Aloud

1:00- Science/Social Studies/Health/Art

2:45- Planners and Clean-Up

2:55- Dismissal

*This is our general schedule and is subject to change based on our needs for each day.

Monday: 1:25-1:55- Music

Tuesday: 1:25-1:55- PE

1:55-2:55-Library (Every other week)

Wednesday: Computer Lab

Thursday: 1:25-1:55- Music

Friday: 1:25-1:55- PE

Kinder Buddies every other week on Fridays



Learning for the week 11/23-11/25:

Reading- We will continue our study on the importance of text features in nonfiction text, but this week we will focus on articles instead of books.  We will look to incorporate some of this learning into our information papers we are typing this week. 

Writing- We will finish and type our first information paper this week.  We will also begin our Galleon game in Social Studies that will have some small writing assignments throughout the unit.

Math- We will finish Unit 4 on division.  This week will we take the practice test and review on Monday, followed by the test on Tuesday, and finally some problem solving questions on Wednesday. 

Social Studies- We will begin our Galleon exploration game.  The students will work in small groups as ships making the journey to the New World.  Along the way they will encounter different obstacles, and they will write about their journey.

Science- This week we will work finish forces and motion.  The students will work in small groups to experiment on the impacts of potential and kinetic energy on their vehicles.  






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