Dec – Jan 2015

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If you have an older student, by now you’ve realized that this is not the PE that you had as a kid.  Things have changed in the state of Washington and around the country.  With a new focus on health and fitness, we are adding academic content to the traditional physical education curriculum.  For us “old dogs” this has required some getting used to.  You might ask, “Isn’t it enough to play some games, learn some sports, break a sweat and have fun for 30 minutes twice a week?”  Why take some of these valuable minutes to talk about nutrition, fitness concepts, anatomy and health?  I believe there’s a simple reason it’s important: our children’s health.  In elementary school we are trying to build knowledge and habits for a lifetime.  If all we did was play sports and games without discussing how physical activity is important to our body’s health and functioning, then we would be omitting an important motivator for lifelong fitness.  Also, when kids understand what’s happening with their heart rate and respiration and oxygen transport and muscle endurance as they exercise, it all just makes better sense.  Their body becomes less of a mystery, and they are better equipped to evaluate their own fitness and to make smart choices to improve endurance, strength, flexibility and nutrition.

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See you in PE!

Bill Mokin

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