April - May 2014
Lots of things happening in PE.  Some March highlights…4th and 5th graders spent two weeks practicing, perfecting and performing jump rope routines.  Our Ks, 1s and 2s played some new games…Fire in the Forest, Caught in the Middle, Scooter City, and a PE version of Twister.  March, and continuing into April, has also been a time to focus on competition.  With each race, relay or team game we discuss the competitive elements: winning, losing, placing, being disqualified, fairness and sportsmanship.  One of the most valuable parts of this unit is embracing the fact that we try to win while at the same time experiencing the fact that losing doesn’t have to be awful.  The upper grades are experiencing competition through several games and sports.  One of the most memorable was Indie 500 where we set up a race track using 4-wheel scooters in the gym with several race teams, flags and judges.  We  moved on to Flickerball, basketball, and in the 5th grade, Tchoukball, which is more commonly played in Europe and involves a field with two rebounder nets.  There is no defense in Tchoukball, and for that reason it takes some getting used to.  On the other hand, the lack of defense makes it a non-aggressive game that still involves teamwork, speed, and strategy.  Ask your 5th grader for more details if you’re interested.
See you in PE!

Mr. Mokin


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