Oct-Nov 2014

Welcome to a new year of Challenger PE, or should I say “Health and Fitness.”  Our title has been changed from PE Teacher to Health and Fitness Teacher.  This reflects a gradual change over the years, so you won’t notice a big difference from last year.  But you will notice an emphasis on health and nutrition.  Classroom teachers are no longer giving students a health grade.  That is now the province of the Health and Fitness Teacher.  It will not be a separate grade, but it will be factored into the two grades that we have been awarding:  Behaviors that Contribute to Learning and Skills and Concepts.  One of the ways we do this without eliminating games that kids love, like tag, is to give the game some academic content.  So, instead of just having a traditional game of tag where prisoners go to a designated spot where they can be rescued, we have turned it into a game called “Energy in / Energy Out.” With this new version, the taggers represent HI-calorie/sugar foods like donuts, candy, ice-cream, chocolate, butter.  When a student is tagged, they go to a circle where they become “fats in the body.”  Through their physical exertion, other students can rescue or “burn off” the fats from the body.  At the signal, we stop the game, count up all the fats and describe what kind of a “body” we have.  Is it composed of lots of fat, or did exercise keep the fat away?  The verdict on Energy In / Energy Out seems to be that it’s more fun than traditional tag.  I think the reason is because of the narrative that accompanies the game.  Feel free to contact me or Mr. Klein with any questions.

See you in PE!

Bill Mokin

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