November – December 2015

FITNESS TESTING OVER FOR NOW !! I think all of our third, fourth and fifth graders are relieved that we completed our fitness testing in early November. Now students have a baseline level of fitness in four areas: cardio respiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility. Over the next five months they will think about goals for improvement. All of the physical exercise they do in PE and outside of school will mark progress toward their goals.

CARDIO RESPIRATORY ENDURANCE AND HEART HEALTH Through the end of November we studied the anatomy and physiology of cardio respiratory endurance: the circulatory system, respiration and the oxygen / carbon dioxide gas exchange. In the process, I know our students came away with a better understanding of the connection between exercise and heart health. For details and photos of what’s happening now in PE – including Respiration Relay, click over to our blog.

PADLET” – NEW WEBSITE FEATURE. Here’s an alternative to writing a post. Just double-click anywhere on the padlet wall and leave a comment, question or photo. Please start with your name, if you would please.

Here is a link to every teacher’s PE schedulewhich will show the days your student has PE.

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