Nocente-Casey Third Grade

Nocente-Casey Third Grade
Nocente-Casey is a third grade classroom at Challenger Elementary in Issaquah, WA

Homework packets are sent home in kid mail every Friday and due the following Friday.

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Nocente-Casey Third Grade

Upcoming Events

18                          Spirit Day – Mixed up     Socks and Shoes Day
18                          Student Store
29 - May 16           MSP Testing 
29                          Comet Choir Concert 7:00 PM
2                           Student Council Meeting  2:55-3:45  PM
2                           PTA Popcorn Friday!

13                         PTA Meeting  7:00  PM

26                        Memorial Day - No School

30                        Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day
30                        Student Store   



Nocente News

Social Studies -   Our Pacific Northwest Native unit will be starting in the next week or two.  Take a look around in your travels to see just how much native culture you can find.


Math - we have been studying fractions.  Look around your world to see where you can find some.


We have been practicing some test taking skills for our up coming MSP.  Some good things to know are the different types of question such as multiple choice, completion, and or short answers.  Students are learning how to look back to the text for answers and not leaving any answers blank.  


Our last unit of the year is Fairy tales.  We are learning how to make a fractured fairy tale.  You can practice these at home.  Take a well known fairy tale, change the character, setting and or trouble.  We are learning to make important changes so the story becomes more interesting. Ask your student what the domino effect it!

Ways Parents Can Support Reading and Writing at Home

  1. Let your children see you read for pleasure. Share vocabulary, quotes, characters, and the story with them. Compare similarities and differences between your book and the books your children are reading.
  2. Talk to your children about how your parents read to you or told you stories.
  3. Let your children see you write for pleasure. Send family letters to relatives or friends. Let everyone in the family contribute a part or an illustration.
  4. When you’re riding in the car, tell your children a story about when you were little or tell them a story about something that happened at work that day. Leave off the ending and let them provide an ending.


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