Nocente-Casey Third Grade

Nocente-Casey Third Grade
Nocente-Casey is a third grade classroom at Challenger Elementary in Issaquah, WA

Homework packets are sent home in kid mail every Friday and due the following Friday.

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Nocente-Casey Third Grade

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Dates To Remember: 

2       Meet Your Teacher Hour 10:15-11:15
         PTA Popsicle Social 11:00-11:00

3       First day of school for grades 1-5

16     Picture Day

18     Curriculum Night
              5:00-6:00    LRCII  -  Favreau in the classroom
              6:00-6:45    Full Day Kindergarten, AM Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades
              6:45-7:15    Staff & Specialist Introductions – MPR
              7:15-8:00    PM Kindergarten, 3rd - 5th grades

2       Volunteer Training   9:45-1:15

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Fall Curriculum

The first weeks of school are an important time to set precedent for the rest of the year.  Please make sure your child arrives on time, well rested and after a good breakfast.

Health - we will spend some time on getting to know each other and learning ways to work together.

Writing - our first unit is Narrative Writing.  Student will learn how to write about small moments.  Small moments  are tiny windows of time.  For example, maybe you went to Disneyland.  A small moment would be explaining one part of the trip.  An example would be picking one moment like  a ride, or eating an ice cream, or  the airplane trip rather than a long list of all activities.    I like to explain to the kids that it is like painting a picture of a certain small moment rather than writing a newspaper report about the whole trip.   Please brainstorm with your student about all the different things they can write about.  The more ideas they have, the easier it is.   Practice talking about small moments at the dinner table.  It's fun and challenging to try to stick to one topic.

Math:  Please read over the Unit 1 Family Math letter sent via email.  Your student's membership to  IXL is a great place to help your student practice what we learn in class.  Students will have access and password to sign on to practice any of the following concepts we will be learning in Unit 1:

Learning Targets:
• I can identify and describe arithmetic patterns in a number chart.
• I can use a number grid to find more than and less than a given number.
• I can say and write time to the nearest minute.
• I can make a bar graph with several categories to represent data


Third grade is an important transition in reading skills.  The focus changes from "learning to read" to "reading to learn" and therefore the better the reader they are the more success they have at school.  Please make sure you child has good books at school at all times.  

Social Studies:

Our first unit is Democracy and Citizenship.  This is a great way to see how these principles can be applied to how we work and get along together in class.  


Our first unit is a wonderful unit on Life Cycles.  We use the Salmon of course to illustrate these concepts with a trip to the Salmon Hatchery.


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