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Welcome back to school!

We are ready to hit the ground with new units of study in writing, social studies, and math. Here are some of the activities that are happening in the classroom over the next few weeks, and more.

  • ·         Our next unit of writing will be fine tuning our skills with Opinion writing. In 1st grade we learned about writing book, restaurant, and movie reviews to share our opinions and persuade/convince the reader. During the next few weeks we will fine tuning those previously learned skills to narrow our Opinion writing to focus on favorite characters from books, and to a lesser extent, writing about our favorite books. Talking and writing about character traits also melds well with our Making Meaning lessons of describing characters’ actions, traits, and drawing inferences from what we are reading. At home you can practice this skill with your child by asking them about a character from a book and discussing the evidence that makes that particular trait true.
  • ·         Over the course of the next few months during our Social Studies lessons we will be exploring Communities (what makes a community successful..wants/needs/rules/roles), Civics, Mapping Skills, and Continents.
  • ·         We are finishing up our unit on repeated addition, (arrays) by also looking at how this relates to multiplication. Beginning next week we will focus more intensely on counting coins up to a dollar, and more. To help this become more practical I will take a break from giving out raffle tickets as incentives and will switch to giving out fake coins that each student will then keep track of so they can spend it in our Clark Store. For this to be successful I will need contributions of small toys (matchbox cars, happy meal items, etc.) that I can use to sell at our store. These items will not be returned. Basically your child will bring in their unwanted items and then bring home someone else’s unwanted items. Please do not send in broken toys or stuffed animals. Any practice with counting coins and making change at home will add to our success in the classroom.


 Lisa Clark

2nd Grade Team

Challenger Elementary

My daily schedule is below, and I will have more information for you at Meet the Teacher Hour.

Mrs. Clark's schedule:

  • Monday - Library:  8:40-9:10
  • Tuesday - Music:  8:40-9:10
  • Wednesday - PE:  8:40-9:10
  • Thursday - Music:  8:40-9:10
  • Friday - PE:  8:40-9:10

    Lisa Clark


    425 837-7590

Mrs. Clark's classroom is a welcoming community where learning happens amidst fun and excitement.

Our Challenger community is Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful, and Safe. We refer to these as the 3 R's.