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Happy sunny Monday,

Our Phonics and Spelling focus for this week is on the /br/ and /tr/ blends. As a group we brainstorm words that meet that phonics focus for the spelling words of the week. As we compiling our list I work hard to have some easy words for our beginning spellers, some grade level words, and some challenge words for those students that need that. Once we have compiled our list of words, your student is free to choose their six words from the list. As I am checking their word choices I am being mindful about “good fit” words for each student and will sometimes have them adjust their list.


Our Literacy/Comprehension focus over the next few weeks will be honing in on the most important events as we create story maps to help us retell a story. We are also including details from 1st grade, such as setting, characters, and the problem/solution of each story. You can reinforce this skill by asking your child about the events in a story as they are reading at home.


During our writing time we are working on adding elaboration, “talking marks” and vivid illustrations to our Small Moments personal narratives.


Our Everyday Math has us looking at patterns on the number grid, as well as practice with time and money.


During Curriculum Night I had spoken about Everyday Math Homelinks coming home soon as homework. Our 2nd grade team has met and decided that the Homelinks are not the best way to support  the enrichment of your student’s math skills. We are approaching the end of our math cycle of using Everyday Math and are finding that not all of the lessons align with our theme of meeting Common Core Math Standards.

Also, as a District, School, and Team we are asking ourselves very meaningful questions about the value of homework in terms of meeting each student’s needs. To that end, our team has decided not to send Everyday Math Homelinks home on a daily basis. Of course, IXL and EDM online are there as a resource. I will also start to ask that you practice math facts with your child (around January).


For right now, reading to your child, having them read to you, and having them read silently is a sure path to academic success so please take the time to do that and report it on the reading calendar that came home on Friday.


There will be times that I will send some homework home…writing, phonics, grammar, math, social studies, science, on as at needed basis.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.




 Lisa Clark

2nd Grade Team

Challenger Elementary

My daily schedule is below, and I will have more information for you at Meet the Teacher Hour.

Mrs. Clark's schedule:

  • Monday - Library:  8:40-9:10
  • Tuesday - Music:  8:40-9:10
  • Wednesday - PE:  8:40-9:10
  • Thursday - Music:  8:40-9:10
  • Friday - PE:  8:40-9:10

    Lisa Clark


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Mrs. Clark's classroom is a welcoming community where learning happens amidst fun and excitement.

Our Challenger community is Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful, and Safe. We refer to these as the 3 R's.