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Thank you for supporting your student during our week of Stanford testing by giving them nutritious snacks, gum, and words of encouragement. If your student was absent for any of the testing, we expect to make those tests up next week. Expect to see Stanford results later this Spring.

Please remember to continue to practice math facts at home. Very few students passed the last round of math facts tests.

Have a good weekend......Go Seahawks!




Our schedule:

Monday: PE - 8:40-9:10

Tuesday: Music - 9:10-9:40

Wednesday: Library - 9:10-9:40

Thursday: Music - 9:10-9:40

Friday: PE - 9:40-10:10

Mrs. Clark's classroom is a welcoming community where learning happens amidst fun and excitement.

Our Challenger community is Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful, and Safe. We refer to these as the 3 R's.