Curriculum Information

Trimester I-- Areas of Study


Reader's Workshop/Guided Reading Groups

Reading Skills-- Analyzing Text Structure, Sequencing & Summarizing, Determining Important Ideas, Finding Evidence, Text Features

Writing Workshop--Poetry, (Lucy Calkins' Units of  Study) Narrative Writing 


Place Value & Decimal Fractions, Multi-Digit Whole Number & Decimal Fraction Operations, Addition & Subtraction of Fractions

Social Studies:

(Early American Inhabitants)


Force & Motion, Circuits


Preparing for Disasters, Stress Management

Weekly Work at Home (online Math), corresponding w/daily class lesson (30 min. max) ; 

Practice multiplication/division math facts nightly

Reading--Read 30-40 min./daily, sharing about your book, article, reading with an adult at home; questioning for understanding 

Keyboarding--Practice keyboarding skills 10-15 min./wkly (Using Nitrotype, Kidztype, or typing  ANYTHING)

*--Students' IXL signons and passwords are the same, and the same as last year!