Upcoming Events

Fri. Jun. 3rd: Popcorn Friday

Mon. Jun. 6th: King County Library Summer Reading Program Kickoff

Weds. Jun. 8th: Junior Achievement Guest Speaker--"Our Region" (Soc. St./Economics)

Fri. Jun. 10th--Field Day, Intermediate, 12:45-2:15pm (Volunteers Needed!)

Tues. Jun. 14th--4th Gr. Celebration, 12:50-1:50pm

Weds. Jun. 15th: Pacific Rim (& elsewhere!) Potluck Lunch, 11:45, Gr. 4 (in classroom)

Thurs. Jun. 16th: Last Day of School, 8:45 Assembly, Shazam Party 9-10am, Dismissal @ 11am


Thurs. Sept. 1--First Day of School Year 2016-17





Welcome to Kelly's 4th Grade Class!

To contact me please call 425-837-7582 or e-mail me at kellys2@issaquah.wednet.edu

Challenger Expectations

Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Safety

 Kelly's Students Classroom Rules:

  • Be respectful with words and actions
  • Take responsibility for your own learning (Individually & in groups)
  • Be on task, try your best and use time wisely
  • Use appropriate voices
  • Listen to the speaker
  • Have fun!

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Daily Schedule

8:30am 2nd bell-School Starts

8:30-8:35--Check-in, Lunch count, Homework Turn-in

8:35-8:50am--5-6 students on computers--keyboarding skill practice; Math message & boxes

8:50-10:00 Reading Workshop

10:00-10:15 Recess

10:15-10:20--Snack & Announcements

10:20-10:40--Read Aloud

10:40-11:25 Writing Workshop (incl. Word Study)

11:25-11:55 Math

12-12:45--Lunch and Recess (Weds. Dismissal--12:45)

12:50-1:30--Math (cont'd) (12:50-1:50 Library-every other Monday)

(1:30-2:55 (45 min.)--Social Studies or Science; Health or Art)

(1:55-2:25--P.E. Tues. & Thurs.)

(2:25-:55 Music, Mon. & Thurs.)

2:55 Dismissal

Weekly Work at Home

Math--*IXL (online) 10-15 min./3x wkly; p26-Lines of Symmetry; Year Review--Multidigit Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fraction Equivalents & Comparisons, Perimeter & Area, Geometric Shapes/Polygons

Practice multiplication/division math fact triangles nightly

Reading--Read 30-40 min./daily, sharing about your book, article, reading with an adult at home; questioning using "I wonder..." to deepen reading comprehension. Ask oneself "thick" questions--ones that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no; instead one that has more than one answer and makes one think! Make inferences by putting together personal schema (background info) with new information. 

Practice keyboarding skills 10-15 min./wkly (Using Nitrotype, Kidztype, or typing  ANYTHING for 20 min. nightly), as later this year your student is expected to be proficient with composing an essay in 1 sitting!

*--Students' IXL signons and passwords are the same, and the same as last year! 

Curriculum Information


Trimester III-- Areas of Study


Reader's Workshop/Guided Reading Groups

Reading Skills--Point-of-View, Author's Purpose, Analyzing Text Structure, Making Inferences, Expository Text Features

Reader's Workshop Unit--Survival

Writing Workshop (Lucy Calkins' Units of  Study)--Opinion (Persuasive) Writing/Literary Essay, Informational,  Free Writing

Writing Process


Unit 7--Fractions and Their Uses

Unit 8--Perimeter & Area

Unit 10--Reflections & Symmetry

(Unit 11--Measurement)

End of Year Assessment 

 Social Studies:

Washington State and Pacific Rim Economics & Trade



A Slick Solution


Toxins in the Environment

Emotional REsponses

Conflict Resolution