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Ms. Raff's Site
Challenger's music site!


Challenger's Music Site 


 Welcome and thank you for visiting Challenger's music site!  On this site you can find the calendar of music programs, fun music websites and games, music room expectations, recordings and lyrics for songs we are working on in class and choir, and my contact information.

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Mrs. Raff's Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:35-8:15 AM Comet Choir
8:45-9:15 AM 2nd Ferrin 2nd White 2nd Ferrin 2nd White
9:15-9:45 AM 2nd Waker AM K Davis (9:30) 2nd Wincentsen (9:45) 2nd Walker
10-10:30 2nd Wincentsen (9:45) 3rd Gibson 3rd Gibson
10:30-11 AM LRC II 3rd Nocente LRC II 3rd Nocente
11-11:30 AM 3rd Craig 3rd Craig
11:45-12:15 PM 1st LaVassar K McGraw K Ellis K McGraw 1st LaVassar
12:15-12:45 PM K Fadden K Foos K Fadden K Foos
12:55-1:25 PM K Ellis (12:45) 5th McCulloch K PM Davis 5th McCulloch
1:25-1:55 PM 5th Saiki 5th Saiki
1:55-2:25 PM 4th Ogren/McCabe 5th Frank 5th Frank 4th Ogren/McCabe
2:25-2:55 PM 4th Stimpson 4th Kelly 4th Kelly 4th Stimpson
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Music Events 

November 8th, 8:30 AM-Veteran's Day Assembly

December 10th, 7 PM- Comet Choir Winter Concert

December 12th, 6:30 PM-3rd Grade Musical

January 10th- Winter Sharing Program, 9:20 AM- K Trapp-Chen, Davis AM, Fadden, Sales, 2nd Grade, 4th Grade 

2:10 PM-K Davis PM, Foos, McGraw, Ellis, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade

January 17th, 8:45 AM - MLK Assembly

January 24th, 6 PM - Festival of Cultures (Comet Choir)

February 13th, 6:30 PM- 2nd Grade Musical

March 25th, 7 PM- 4th Grade Musical

March 19th-Choral Festival (Comet Choir)

April 1st, 6:30 PM- 1st Grade Musical

April 29th, 7 PM- Comet Choir Spring Concert

May 8th, 6:30 PM-Kindergarten Musical

May 29th, 7 PM- 5th Grade Musical