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Miss Spada's Site

Miss Spada's Site
First Grade at Challenger Elementary

Welcome to

Miss Spada's

First Grade!

Learning Targets

Reading:  I know nonfiction text features. 

Writing:    I can write a nonfiction teaching book.

Phonics:   I know the difference between common and proper nouns.

      I know my spelling words.

Math:          I can measure objects using non-standard units of measurement. 


  A.8, B.9, B.12, D.10 (UNIT 3)

  A.7, A.9, A.11, A.12, B.10, D.11, N.4 (Unit 4)

Social Studies:


Important Dates!

January 23rd - PTA Festival of Cultures 6:30-8:00

January 23rd - Spirit Day- Wear your favorite color!

January 26th-30th - Stanford testing 

January 27th - Eager Reader training 8:30-9:00

February 5th - Student Council meeting 2:55-3:45

February 6th - Popcorn Friday!

February 27th - Spirit Day - Twins theme


Class Photos!