Welcome to Miss Walker's First Grade Classroom website!



Classroom Standards

1. Be respectful

2. Be responsible

3. Be resourceful

4.  Be safe 

Room 306's Schedule



Our Daily Schedule


8:30-8:45                   Class Meeting/Check in


8:45-9:40                   Literacy Block

                                    -Spelling Practice/Word Work                  -Read to self

                                    -Guided Reading                                            -Buddy Read

                                    -Making Meaning                                           -Work on writing

                                    -Conferring                                                    -Computer


9:40-10:10                 Specialists

                                                Monday/Wednesday            PE

                                                Tuesday/Thursday               Music

9:10-9:40                                 Thursday                              Library          


10:10-10:30                Literacy Block Continued


10:30-11:00                Writing

                                    -Mini Lesson                                                   -conferring


11:00-11:45                Lunch/Recess


11:45-12:00                Writing Continued


12:00-1:15                 Math


1:15-1:30                    Recess


1:30-1:40                    Snack/Story


1:40-2:45                    Science/Social Studies/Health/Art


2:45                            Pack up


2:55                            Dismissal       


***Wednesday Dismissal at 12:45***


*Times may vary or change due to special events/holidays


Classroom Wish List

*Books: We can always use gently used or new books! (note: ordering scholastic online earns us free book coupons)

*Fun Writing Paper: Different paper makes writing stories that much more fun! (it does not have to be lined)

*Age Appropriate Games and puzzles: (gently used) We love having different games for choice time!

*Electric (or battery) Pencil Sharpener

*Baby wipes