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Weekly Learning Targets

Reading: I can compare fiction and non-fiction.


Writing:  I can state my opinion and persuade someone with my writing.


Math:  I can identify coins and their value.


 Science:  I can describe motion using speed, direction, path, and movement.


Phonics:  I can spell long and short u words.

I can identify beginning r blends like "br" "tr" "fr" "cr"



Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Valentine's Day Party

Next Friday, February 12th is our class Valentine's Day celebration.  If students choose to bring Valentine's in for their friends I ask that they bring one for everyone in the class.  I have put a class list in their folder to help with this.  


Now that we are halfway through the school year I am finding that many students have lost their crayons and colored pencils in class.  We use these quite often and it is challenging if a student doesn't have the supplies they need.  Would you please ask your child how their supplies are and restock what is needed.

We are also in need of some baby wipes for the classroom.  We use these to keep our desks and other surface areas clean.  



It is very important that students bring their planners each day.  Please help your child to make sure it is in their backpack each morning.  This is one way for us to communicate daily and for them to let you know something we did in school that day.  Students also use them to practice their spelling words in class. 


Book Orders

Book orders are coming home next.  If you would like to order books, the book orders will need to be submitted by Tuesday, February 23rd.  The class has been very excited to look through the order forms at school to see what all is available.  In your child's Valentine bag from me you will find a coupon for a free book with an order of $10 or more.



We are going to continue having 2 snacks a day.  We are almost out of class and and would love to get donations for the classroom to help with days students don't have snack.   Some ideas of things the students like are squeezie packs of apple sauce, goldfish, ritz crackers, graham crackers, fruit snacks, or other crackers.



Classroom Standards

1. Be respectful

2. Be responsible

3. Be resourceful

4.  Be safe 

Classroom Wish List

*Books: We can always use gently used or new books! (note: ordering scholastic online earns us free book coupons)

*Fun Writing Paper: Different paper makes writing stories that much more fun! (it does not have to be lined)

*Age Appropriate Games and puzzles: (gently used) We love having different games for choice time!

*Electric (or battery) Pencil Sharpener

*Baby wipes






Room 306's Schedule

8:30-8:40                     Entry Task/Attendance/Lunch Count

8:40-8:50                     Class Meeting/Check in

8:50-10:20                  Literacy Block

                                      -Spelling Practice/Word Work           -Read to self

                                      -Guided Reading                                    -Buddy Read

                                      -Making Meaning                                    -Work on writing

                                      -Conferring                                             -Computer

                                      -Writing Lesson        

 10:20-10:30               Snack                                   

 10:30-11:00                Specialists

                                      Monday                                  Library

                                      Tuesday/Thursday              Music

                                      Wednesday/Friday              PE   

11:00-11:30                Literacy Continued

11:30-12:15                Lunch/Recess

12:15-1:20                  Math

1:20-1:30                    Snack

1:30-1:45                     Recess

1:45-2:45                     Science/Social Studies/Health/Art

2:45                              Pack up

2:55                              **Dismissal**  


**Wednesday Dismissal: 12:45 **



Miss Walker's Class

Miss Walker's Class
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