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Weekly Learning Targets

Reading: I can make text to self connections and I can choose good fit books.


Writing:  I can learn from authors to make my writing better (we are working on a Mo Willems author study to learn different elements authors add to their writing).


Math:  I can solve a story problem and I can use a variety of strategies to solve addition problems.


Science:  I can explain shadows at different times of the day.



Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Fun Run

 Thank you so much to everyone who donated and helped to fundraise.  Thank you also to everyone who came out to cheer the kids on.  We REALLY appreciate all your support.  :-)

Book Orders

October Book orders will be due Thursday, 10/16/15.  I will send home fliers and a letter on how to order Monday.

Thank you to those who donated books from our wish list last month.  We LOVE getting new books for our library.



I will send home a volunteer calendar on Monday.  I still don't have a room coordinator.  If you would be interested in being our room coordinator and be our contact with PTA and help with the month calendar, please let me know!



We are going to continue having 2 snacks a day.  We would love to get donations for the classroom to help with days students don't have snack. 


Classroom Volunteer Application Now Online

We look forward to having you in our classroom.   The volunteer application is now only available online.  Please complete the Issaquah School District Volunteer Application herehttps://issaquahvolunteers.hrmplus.net/ Your volunteer clearance is valid for a year

Classroom Standards

1. Be respectful

2. Be responsible

3. Be resourceful

4.  Be safe 

Classroom Wish List

*Books: We can always use gently used or new books! (note: ordering scholastic online earns us free book coupons)

*Fun Writing Paper: Different paper makes writing stories that much more fun! (it does not have to be lined)

*Age Appropriate Games and puzzles: (gently used) We love having different games for choice time!

*Electric (or battery) Pencil Sharpener






Room 306's Schedule

8:30-8:40                     Entry Task/Attendance/Lunch Count

8:40-8:50                     Class Meeting/Check in

8:50-10:20                  Literacy Block

                                      -Spelling Practice/Word Work           -Read to self

                                      -Guided Reading                                    -Buddy Read

                                      -Making Meaning                                    -Work on writing

                                      -Conferring                                             -Computer

                                      -Writing Lesson        

 10:20-10:30               Snack                                   

 10:30-11:00                Specialists

                                      Monday                                  Library

                                      Tuesday/Thursday              Music

                                      Wednesday/Friday              PE   

11:00-11:30                Literacy Continued

11:30-12:15                Lunch/Recess

12:15-1:20                  Math

1:20-1:30                    Snack

1:30-1:45                     Recess

1:45-2:45                     Science/Social Studies/Health/Art

2:45                              Pack up

2:55                              **Dismissal**  


**Wednesday Dismissal: 12:45 **



Miss Walker's Class

Miss Walker's Class
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