Dear Families:

I said to the Director of Elementary Education yesterday, I feel like the luckiest principal in the whole country--and I meant it! Though experiences throughout the year lead me to say this, events of the last few weeks’ especially highlight this sentiment.

A week ago, our amazing PTSA hosted Family Fun Night. Close to 500 of you joined me in eating pizza and popcorn, shooting hoops and running around outside, playing board games, dancing to all kinds of music including pop rock, country, and contemporary Indian music, and enjoying conversation. All of us had a really great time. A huge thank you goes to Hollie Smith and the entire PTSA board, for planning this event.

The day prior, I had the opportunity to attend the Issaquah Schools Foundation luncheon. I cannot say how many hundreds were in attendance, but I can say that, thanks to many of you, Discovery had the highest representation of families of all the schools. This event raised funds for so many important projects throughout ISD. Discovery benefits directly from Issaquah Schools Foundation through the Art docent Program, Hands-on Science instruction kits at every grade level, Voice Mentors at every grade level, Summer school programs, and Pre-Kindergarten screening and schooling. Many of our PTSA board members and families attended this event. Thank you all for your support of this important work.

Throughout last week, Staff Appreciation week, I have been amazed at the generosity of our PTSA, families, and most importantly, our students. I know I speak for the entire staff, when I say that we so appreciate the kind notes, fabulous snacks in the staff room each day, flowers, and hugs. We take our three expectations (Be kind, Be Safe, and Be Responsible) seriously each day. However, we celebrate showing kind-ness most.

Thank you all for your kindness toward us. We still have important work to do this next month. With the boost you have given us, I am sure we can finish strong.


Marti Shefveland
Principal of Discovery

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