Dear Discovery Families:

October 7th was an exciting day here at Discovery. On this day, the entire student body, along with many parents and teachers, participated in our "Fun Run". Students ran, and ran, and ran, in circles around the gym, to loud music and applause from cheering parents and teachers. This event, sponsored by our PTSA, raised a significant amount of funds that the PTSA applies directly to student learning every school day. It took hours of work on the part of all the volunteers. Many of our PTSA officers and parents were here each day, helping to promote the event, run the event, and collect the funds and hand out prizes afterwards. Then last Wednesday November 4th, the PTSA hosted the "Taste of Discovery". I, along with hundreds of others, enjoyed foods from many countries including India, New Zealand, Brazil, Pakistan, and the Philippines. All in attendance had a lot of fun. It also took a lot of work. Thank you again PTSA, for all you do to make Discovery such a positive school.

Another group working to make Discovery a positive place is our PBSES (Positive Behavior Social Emotional Support) committee. This committee has worked with the staff to establish common school-wide behavior expectations as well as individual, classroom, and lunch time rewards that encourage the behaviors we expect. You may find your child has come home with an "Eagle Eye" award. Or, you may see on your child’s classroom door, "Stellar Lunch Awards". Another award we hold in great esteem here at Discovery is our "Be Kind Like Josh" awards. Students who unselfishly demonstrate acts of kindness above and beyond those we expect, may receive this award. Their names are announced each Friday and they receive a Be Kind Like Josh T-Shirt.

Additionally, our PBSES coach, Shelly Ward, educated teachers on the "Magic Ratio." This refers to a 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative interactions with students. Research shows that acknowledging positive behaviors (not taking good behavior for granted) increases positive behavior more effectively than acknowledging or reprimanding poor behavior. Positive interactions consist of words, gestures (thumbs up), or physical contact (pat on the shoulder, high five) that have a positive quality to them, and are delivered in response to desirable behavior. Our staff is working to apply this research at school. You may find it works at home as well.

In closing, I will extend to you another opportunity for making Discovery a more positive place. We are forming a committee to help welcome families who are new to the community and to the Issaquah School District. They may even be new to the country. We are looking for committee members to help new parents as their student transitions to the Discovery environment. Members may be asked to help with student and parent orientation, answer questions about Common Core and Curriculum Standards, or be a Parent Liaison to provide the support needed to ensure a new student’s academic and social success are met at Discovery. Parents that are eager to help share their own Discovery experiences are encouraged to join. If you are interested, please contact the school office at (425) 837-4100, or email Debbie Alberts at You will be contacted as to how you can help.

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, there is much to be thankful for here at Discovery. I am thankful for the dedication of parents and staff members who work tirelessly to make Discovery a positive place for learning. If I can answer any questions about the items mentioned, please let me know.


Marti Shefveland

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