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It has been a phenomenal year for the Seahawks. What a tough loss last night, but I still love this team, not only for the wins, but for what they stand for on and off the field. As an educa-tor and as a parent I believe that there is a lot that our kids can learn from our Seahawks.

Perseverance- The Seahawks, they don’t quit. During the NFC Championship game, even after throwing 4 interceptions, Russell Wilson told his teammates, “We’re going to win this game.”

“When you hear people tell you something that you know you can do it and deep down in your heart and in your mind you have the ability. My height does not define my skill set when you work at that and you try to work every day to be great you are not going to let anything to stop you…we believe in ourselves and we believe we can be successful no matter what the situation.”-Russell Wilson

“They told me it couldn’t be done. That I was a lost cause, told me I should just quit, told me it was over, but I’ve been deaf since I was 3. So, I didn’t listen.” –Derrick Coleman

Team Work-Last night, Marshawn Lynch was asked if he was surprised he didn’t get the football. His response, “No.” When asked, “Why?” He answers, “because this is a team sport.” All throughout the season, you will find evidence of players giving praises to each other and believing in each other…

Be Kind and give back to your community- Russell Wilson visits cancer patients every Tues-day at Children’s Hospital. Richard Sherman’s organization Blanket Coverage helps sup-ply inner city kids with school supplies. Marshawn Lynch runs a free football camp for inner city youth, in his hometown, Oakland, CA.

Do your best every day. “Every week is a championship week. Every day is a championship day.”-Russell Wilson. “Always try to be the best…that translates to my life as well…”-Russell Wilson

These are skills that I believe we can start developing in our kids now. These are the skills that I believe that our kids are going to need for their future. I believe in building a school community that supports perseverance, team work, being kind, and giving 100% every day.


Michele Nishioka


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