Third graders are wrapping up the case of Who Stole Mr. Bear. They have been pretty good crime solvers! We will begin the Color Analyzers unit next. It is a short unit and we will move to Secret Formulas following that unit.

The fourth graders have spent a lot of time on rockets and propulsion. They are doing the culminating project now, which is to design a custom rocket to complete a task. Those will fly in about two weeks. I had initially thought we'd do Dry Ice next, but I think we are going to start the Environmental Mystery instead. If there is time at the end of the year, we'll do the Dry Ice unit.

The Discovery Fifth graders have just about finished the Dry Ice unit and will be starting Paper Towel Testing soon. The Challenger Fifth graders are working on their EV3 robots in preparation for their Robotics Rodeo in June.

I'm waiting for that lamb to appear, but all I can hear out my window right now is the lion. Keeping my fingers crossed for a beautiful spring.

Cindy Parsons

Clipart from Phillip Martin
Issaquah Schools Foundation

The students in the SAGE program, along with their teachers, want to thank the Issaquah
Schools Foundation for their donation of LEGO EV3 Robotics Kits. These kits allow all 5th
grade SAGE students to participate in this great STEM activity. ISF supports our students
with contributions made to their organization by the Issaquah community. Find out how you
can be a part of this worthwhile endeavor at

SAGE Expectations

SAGE students will attend class each week with their binder and all due assignments.

SAGE students will be collaborative, enthusiastic and persistent learners working toward their chosen individual goal.

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group
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