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Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group

This month, I'd like to share with you a strategy for giving praise that you may find helps your child to be more persistent, optimistic and ready to take on challenges. Carol Dweck, the author of  Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, has done a lot of research on the ways praise affects children and adults. Growth Mindset is a way to help students see themselves as capable of growing their intelligence and talents. Rather than praising a child with words such as, "Look how smart you are!", try giving praise for the effort that went into their work, such as, "Look at how hard you worked on that! I can tell that you put a lot of effort into writing an exciting story." Dweck says we should praise the process, not the product. 

Telling a child that they are smart when we are giving praise, sends the message that we value them for their intelligence. If the child then fails, they feel they have lost value. They will be more likely to choose tasks that they feel confident they can manage successfully. In order to learn, we need to encourage them to try things that may be a struggle and that they will have to work hard to figure out. If we praise the effort and hard work, they will be more likely to see the value in working hard on a task and will be more likely to try something that is hard for them.

Here are a couple of websites that you might like to check out if you'd like to learn more.

There are all kinds of things available if you are interested in learning more.

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Issaquah Schools Foundation

The students in the SAGE program, along with their teachers, want to thank the Issaquah
Schools Foundation for their donation of LEGO EV3 Robotics Kits. These kits allow all 5th
grade SAGE students to participate in this great STEM activity. ISF supports our students
with contributions made to their organization by the Issaquah community. Find out how you
can be a part of this worthwhile endeavor at

SAGE Expectations

SAGE students will attend class each week with their binder and all due assignments.

SAGE students will be collaborative, enthusiastic and persistent learners working toward their chosen individual goal.

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group
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