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Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group

 Our last group of PEP and SAGE guests has joined our classes. We started with a fun activity in First Grade PEP. The students were given a length of swimming tubes that had been cut in half and glued together so that they had a track about 16 feet long with which to work. They had to use their learning about potential and kinetic energy to get the marble to complete at least one loop and one hill in their track. It was exciting to hear them analyzing the problems they encountered using the language of energy!

The Second Grade PEPs began with experiments using carbon dioxide to make a film canister pop up. They experimented with different amounts of water and tablets to find the best pop. Third grade guests are doing a variety of engineering challenges, right now building a tower to support a tennis ball during a hurricane. The Third Grade SAGEs at Sunny Hills are working with the WeDo LEGO kits and will soon be programming their own creations. 

Fourth and Fifth Grade SAGEs at Challenger are building Marble Skater Parks using physics to determine how to successfully get a marble to complete the maze. At Sunny Hills, the fourth and fifth graders are working on the robotics unit. They are creating obstacle courses and will program their robots to complete the track successfully.

There is still a lot to be accomplished, but we are right on track! Happy spring!

Cindy Parsons

Clipart by Phillip Martin

Issaquah Schools Foundation

The students in the SAGE program, along with their teachers, want to thank the Issaquah
Schools Foundation for their donation of LEGO EV3 Robotics Kits. These kits allow all 5th
grade SAGE students to participate in this great STEM activity. ISF supports our students
with contributions made to their organization by the Issaquah community. Find out how you
can be a part of this worthwhile endeavor at

SAGE Expectations

SAGE students will attend class each week with their binder and all due assignments.

SAGE students will be collaborative, enthusiastic and persistent learners working toward their chosen individual goal.

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group
SAGE Challenger and Sunny Hills Elementaries