The third graders at Discovery have had quite a few cancelled SAGE classes due to testing for First Grade PEP, MSP and Pioneer Living. We will be back on track for a few weeks, and then we begin Kindergarten PEP testing. I will try to impact the third grade classes as little as possible, but there may still be some classes that are cancelled. Next year we should be into the new program and there won't be so many disruptions. The third graders at Challenger have started Vitamin C testing. The Discovery third graders will begin this as soon as MSP is over. We are testing different fruit drinks to find out which ones have more Vitamin C. We are also learning about the ways our body uses Vitamin C.

Fourth graders are solving an environmental mystery. I have been very impressed with their enthusiasm and thoughtful discussion as we discover possible causes for the fish that are dying in the Gray Bay Area. This unit will continue until the end of the year.

Fifth graders at Challenger are working on their EV3 obstacle courses. They've found the programming to be very challenging, but that makes it sweeter when they have a success! We are looking at having the Robot Rodeo on the evening of June 2nd.

Fifth graders at Discovery are testing brands of paper towel to find out which is most absorbent, strongest and provides the best paper towel for the money. We'll be publishing a newsletter with our results.

Only a few short weeks until warm, summer weather (or at least I hope so) and family time. The spring is always such an exciting time at school and in nature. Enjoy all the wonders!

Cindy Parsons




Clipart from Phillip Martin
Issaquah Schools Foundation

The students in the SAGE program, along with their teachers, want to thank the Issaquah
Schools Foundation for their donation of LEGO EV3 Robotics Kits. These kits allow all 5th
grade SAGE students to participate in this great STEM activity. ISF supports our students
with contributions made to their organization by the Issaquah community. Find out how you
can be a part of this worthwhile endeavor at

SAGE Expectations

SAGE students will attend class each week with their binder and all due assignments.

SAGE students will be collaborative, enthusiastic and persistent learners working toward their chosen individual goal.

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Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group
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