We’re back! I hope everyone had a terrific first day and is looking forward to this new school year. I will begin meeting with PEP and SAGE students the week of September 8th. The schedule of all the classes can be found on this webpage to the right of this letter. First and Second Grade PEP students will meet for 1 hour each week and SAGEs will continue to meet for 2 hours each week. We will be a little more focused on math this year, but don’t worry, there will be lots of the same fun, hands-on type activities. They’ll just be a little more about math.

SAGEs should bring a 1” hard-sided three ring binder to class on the first day. It should have 5 divider tabs inside already labeled and ready to go. We won’t have time to work on this during our limited class time. The tabs should read: Problem Solving, Logic, Projects, Challenges, and Other. Also, please make sure the student’s name is on the outside of the binder. PEP students won’t need to bring anything to class yet.

I will be scheduling a Curriculum Night that is specifically for PEP and SAGE parents in the next month. The Curriculum Nights scheduled by Discovery and Sunny Hills have times that would require us to meet very early or very late. I want everyone to be able to attend, so we will be meeting on a different night at 6:30 or 7:00. I will let you know that date within the next week. That will be a time I can go over curriculum, program goals, class expectations and answer all your questions.

If you have questions or concerns prior to our Curriculum Night, please feel free to get in touch with me via email. I am at two different schools and a message left by phone at one school won’t get to me until I am back at that school, which could be 5 days.

I look forward to welcoming back my old friends and to meeting all the new ones I am privileged to work with this year.

Get those brains in gear!

Cindy Parsons




Clipart from Phillip Martin
Issaquah Schools Foundation

The students in the SAGE program, along with their teachers, want to thank the Issaquah
Schools Foundation for their donation of LEGO EV3 Robotics Kits. These kits allow all 5th
grade SAGE students to participate in this great STEM activity. ISF supports our students
with contributions made to their organization by the Issaquah community. Find out how you
can be a part of this worthwhile endeavor at http://issaquahschoolsfoundation.org/.

SAGE Expectations

SAGE students will attend class each week with their binder and all due assignments.

SAGE students will be collaborative, enthusiastic and persistent learners working toward their chosen individual goal.

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group

Mrs. Parsons' SAGE Group
SAGE Challenger and Discovery Elementaries