Mr. Tyrrell's Math Classes

Mr. Tyrrell's Math Classes
This is the official website for Mr. Tyrrell's Algebra A and Integrated Pre-Algebra classes.

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Activity 99: "Whale of a Tail"

  • May
  • When: Thursday, May 10 (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
  • Organizer: Rob Tyrrell

Start Activity 99, "Whale of a Tail".  Work with a partner to sort five skeletons by type, and put them in what you think is a logical order.

We will finish and review on Friday when Mr. Tyrrell is done with the Joys of MSP Testing and is back in the classroom.

HW: Finish the "Horse Sense" reading assignment from last night and complete the questions on the back.  Candy to any kid in each class who brings in a picture of Mr. Ed.  :-)  (who?)