Available to secondary students (grades 6-12) and staff members for personal computers and mobile devices.

Microsoft and Issaquah School District are excited to announce that secondary students and all staff will have access to use Office 365 on their personal devices.

Office 365 for home use is now available free of charge for all Issaquah School District staff and secondary students. With Office 365, secondary students and all staff will now be able to have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and much more on personal computers so that they can take advantage of these tools at home. Secondary students and all staff can now download Office products on up to five personal devices (e.g.-laptops, home desktops, etc.)

To get Office, secondary students and staff will need to do the following:

  1. Log in to Microsoft’s online portal here: http://www.microsoftonline.com 
  2. Students and staff use their in-district network username in the form of an Issaquah email address (i.e. SmitJon16 would be SmitJon16@issaquah.wednet.edu ) and regular network password
  3. Choose Work or School Account when given the choice.
  4. Download and install Microsoft Office 365/2013 onto your home computer – (with parent permission if a student.)

We are excited to support learning and growth through these powerful tools and encourage you to try them out.

If you are having problems with your password please email isd365passwordhelp@issaquah.wednet.edu for assistance.

Please be aware that anytime you install software there is a risk that your computer will run slower or there could be more serious consequences such as needing to do complete re-installation of the OS and software. You would be wise to back up your computer completely. Please read through the following before proceeding.

Employees understand and agree that if you download, install, transmit, or display Office 365 to your own personal device under the acceptable use terms of the Staff Advantage Terms and Conditions, you do so at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your device, and all costs associated therein, and or property or loss of data that results.  The Issaquah School District shall not provide any support for Office 365 on an employee’s personal devices and shall not pay for nor reimburse an employee for any costs associated with hardware failures as a result of downloading, installing, transmitting, or displaying Office 365 on an employee’s personal device.