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Timeline for 2019-2020 

Online Safety and Privacy: Several questions on the test are related to online living - safety, data security, and etiquette. This website will assist students with the online living portion of the test.

Online Technology TutorialStudents will need a key code to access the online tutorial.  They will receive this upon registering to take the Tech Challenge test.

Register to Take the Test 

How do I know if I have met this requirement? Check Family Access—Educational Milestones—it will show:  SFWTEC - Software Tech Met - if the requirement has been met. 

Students who register for the Tech Challenge Test agree to take the Online Tutorial prior to the Tech Challenge test.

  • The Tech Challenge test will administered to high school students only.
  • Middle school students meet the requirement through successful completion of Tech Smart.

To register contact your High School Tech Proficiency Coordinators: 
Issaquah HS: Zach Myers
Liberty HS: Wes Benjamin
Skyline HS: Brittney Bronson

District Tech Proficiency Coordinator: Marcy O'Neill