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Timeline for 2019-2020

Online Safety and Privacy: Several questions on the test are related to online living - safety, data security, and etiquette. This website will assist students with the online living portion of the test.

Tech Challenge Test Training -Tutorial  - Students must have a username, password, and key code to access the online technology training.  Students will receive these when they register for the test. Students who complete this training increase their chances of passing the test.

Register to Take the Test - Contact school Tech Challenge Coordinators to register:

IHS: Zach Myers - myersz@issaquah.wednet.edu

LHS: Wes Benjamin - benjaminw@issaquah.wednet.edu

SHS: Brittney Bronson - bronsonb@issaquah.wednet.edu

HELP! - Marcy O'Neill - oneillm@issaquah.wednet.edu - please include  full name, school attending, and  issue.

Technology Competencies

Tech Challenge Test Training - Tutorial Log In

Student Accounts:

User Name Password

Will look like an email address using computer login, graduation year, @isd.edu:

Marcy O'Neill

Last two digits of graduation year 2020


Helen Su

Last two digits of graduation year 2020


Victor Gomez-Hernandez

Last two digits of graduation year 2021


D'Arcy Flanders

Last two digits of graduation year 2021


Typically first FOUR letters of your last name, then first THREE letters of your first name and then last two digits of your graduation year@isd.edu

Students with fewer than FOUR letters in their last name should use their entire last name (no spaces) and then the first three letters of their first name.

Students with punctuation in their last or first names: Remove the punctuation - do not add spaces or other characters and no apostrophes.


Starts with ISD followed by 7 digit ID number - including leading 0* 

EX: ISD0123456

*If this does not work try without the leading 0.

If your ID number has fewer than 7 digits add zeroes in front of your student number

Key Code has 18 digits with a mixture of letters and numbers

You will be able to change your password once you log in.

If you continue to have difficulty, please email Marcy O'Neill.

Please include your full name AND school.


Password: If your student ID number begins with a zero type in the zero as well as the remaining six digits. Students will be prompted to change their password when they first log in. * If you have a problem, try without the leading zero.

Be sure you are selecting the "Log In" button and not the "New User" button.

If the password is forgotten use the "Forgot your password?" link.  You will be prompted to answer the secret question. If you do not remember it you can contact Ms. O'Neill who will reset it for you. For assistance with logging in please contact Marcy O'Neill oneillm@issaquah.wednet.edu and be sure to include your full name and school.