Cascade Ridge Elementary E-news

September 17, 2019

Wildlife Sighting

Dear Cascade Ridge families and community,

Please be aware that a bobcat was sighted this morning near the school. Animal control was notified and while the bobcat is no longer in sight, we know many children and adults walk through this area. Please stay alert and keep these important wild-animal safety tips in mind.

· Always walk to and from school in groups.

· Never make direct eye-contact with the animal.

· Never turn and run away from a wild animal; slowly back away from the animal and make yourself appear as big as possible using clothing to make yourself appear larger and taller.

· Never interact with any unknown animal.

· Never feed an unknown animal.

· Report any unknown animal sighting to an adult.

Wild animals can be quite active this time of year, so please take precautions. To report dangerous wild animal sightings, call the Washington State Dept of Fish and Wildlife Dangerous Animal Hotline at 1-800-477-6224. Call 911 if the animal is an immediate threat.

Thank you for helping keep our kids safe.

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