Many teachers are exploring the concept of Growth Mindset. This concept comes from psychologist Carol Dweck and her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. It works on the theory that instead of having a fixed mindset - where we believe we have all the intelligence about a topic that we are going to get, we need to have a growth mindset. This is a mindset where we believe that we can grow and change through hard work, practice and dedication. When I first started reading about this concept - I was sure I had a growth mindset in all things. Then I read Dweck's book and I realized that I had a lot of growing to do!

You may see/hear growth mindset vocabulary from your child's teacher. For example, you might see the words "not yet" on a paper. This means that while the child may not have mastered that concept yet, that with hard work, dedication and practice the child will keep moving closer and closer to mastery. If your child is struggling with something, you might hear them say, "I can't add." or "I can't play basketball." Encourage them to add this little word to those sentences..."I can't add..YET!" "I can't play basketball...YET!" Help them find their growth mindset. 

I encourage you to watch these short videos. Each one is about 2 min long. 

Introduction to Growth Mindset
The Power of Yet
The Power of Yet - Sesame Street Edition! (Very catchy song involved!)


Tia Kleinkopf

Thanks for the lunch!

Our "Souper Bar" was amazing!

Message from My School Bucks: Please note that the transaction fee for depositing lunch funds on is increasing to $2.49 effective December 11, 2017.  For further information please contact at (855) 832-5226 or

Fees have been posted to most students' accounts. Please click the link above to check to see if you child has fees that need to be paid. Thank you!

Hello Cascade Ridge Families,

   My name is Neela Agarwal and I am a freshman at Skyline High School. I want to thank you for taking time to read this. I will be collecting used crayons starting November 6th through December 13th. There will be a donation bin under the Lost Items table in the entrance of the school. These crayons will be donated to an organization called “The Crayon Initiative” where they will be recycled and then given to children who are being hospitalized. You can learn more here: Not only does giving hospitalized children crayons allow them to escape their worries through art we also help the environment! Since wax is not biodegradable, it ends up in landfills. I would greatly appreciate if you and your children could look around in your home and find some old crayons to donate. Remember, anything helps! Here are resources and activities to support the initiative:

Thank you so much for your help and support!
Neela Agarwal 

Conference Scheduler is now open!

Parent Teacher conferences are December 6 and 7. We will use Family Access Conference Scheduler to sign up for conferences. Conference Scheduler is now open and will close on December 1 at 3:30pm. 

Log onto your Family Access Account and you will find Teacher Conferences listed on the left. Click here for complete directions on how to log in and sign up. Once you are to this page, directions forelementary teacher conferences are on the right. 

  Information from ISD  

5th Grade:  
FLASH and HIV/AIDS Curriculum Information Sessions

5th Grade teachers will be teaching the district adopted FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health) and HIV/AIDS curriculum during this school year.  To allow you an opportunity to examine the instructional materials and view the videos that may be used, there will be 2 public viewings of the materials in Boardroom A of the Issaquah School District Administration Center. 

Thursday, December 7, 6:00 PM
Saturday, December 9, 9:00 AM

At the appointed time, there will be an informal presentation with viewing of video(s).  Curriculum staff will be available to answer your questions.

FLASH Instruction:

Under the Federal Hatch Amendment of 1974, all sexual education instructional materials must be available for parent inspection. Parents have the right to exempt their child from sexual education instruction at any time. The public viewings provide a centralized opportunity to do so.  While it is not required for you to attend the parent preview to exempt your child from sexual education, it is necessary to submit your request in writing to your school principal. This must be done each year.

HIV/AIDS Instruction:  Please note – the process of exempting your child from HIV/AIDS education is treated separately from exempting your child out of sexual education.

In recognition of the significant threat that the HIV/AIDS virus presents to the health of the people of our nation, the Washington state legislature passed the Omnibus AIDS Bill in 1988.  This law directs local school districts to provide yearly instruction to students in grades 5-12 about the pathology and prevention of the HIV/AIDS virus.  The law requires that parents/guardians must preview the HIV/AIDS curriculum which is found within the FLASH curriculum, before exempting your child.  This must be done each year.

It is not necessary for parents to attend a public review session if they do not intend to exempt their children from HIV/AIDS instruction.  Being familiar with the curriculum will enhance your ability to talk with your children about this serious health threat.  FLASH curriculum can also be previewed through the King County Department of Public Health at 

Session Location:             Issaquah School District Administration Center

                                            565 NW Holly St.     Issaquah, WA  98027

Contact Information: Kris Coleman,, 425-837-7123

News from your PTSA! 


Cascade Ridge is once again collecting holiday gifts for Issaquah families in need. We are partnering with the Issaquah Food Bank to help fill their Holiday Gift Barn. The Food Bank will set up a 'store' at Pickering Barn where families can shop for needed items and holiday gifts. Holiday Gift Barn representatives will visit each classroom and share more information with your students. You can bring in an item from the following theme, OR donate a grocery gift card, OR donate gift wrapping supplies. 


Grade Level Themes are as follows:

K and LRC:  Baby supplies, Diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, bibs

1st grade:  Art supplies/school supplies

2nd grade: pajamas, socks, underwear (all sizes boy or girl), purses and make-up/nail polish for teens

3rd grade: board games and bedroom decorations/wall art

4th grade:  hats, gloves, scarfs in any size for boys and girls and Seahawks or Sounders clothing for teens

5th grade:  Books, DVD's, video games for elementary and teens

Donations will be collected in the classroom the week of November 27-December 1.  All items need to be new and unwrapped. Please bring items to your classroom and leave them in the designated Holiday Gift Barn boxes. Gifts will be delivered to the Gift Barn on December 4th!

Participation is optional, of course. Thank you, in advance, for your help in making the holidays brighter for so many local families! 

Geography Bee

Cascade Ridge will be hosting a Geography Bee on December 12, 2017.  The National Geographic Bee is organized by the National Geographic Society with the intent to inspire a student’s curiosity about the world.  The Geography Bee is designed for students in the 4th and 5th grades. For more information, please visit:

To REGISTER your 4th or 5th grader for the Bee, please visit:

Registration is now open and closes on November 30, 2017.

Study materials for the Geography Bee are located on the National Geographic website under the section called “Study Corner.”

For any questions about the Geography Bee, please contact:

Is your K-3 student highly motivated and interested in world geography?  If we have enough interest and volunteers, we may be able to host a Geography Bee for grades K-3.  If you are interested in this possibility, please email:


Wednesdays: Cascade Ridge Spirit Day!
Fridays: Team Spirit Day!

Nov 6 - Dec 13 - Crayon Initiative 

November 23/24: No School - Thanksgiving

Nov 27-Dec 1 - Holiday Gift Barn Collection

November 30 - November Birthday Cupcakes 

December 1 - Parent Play Day, Great Kids at Lunch, Popcorn Recess

December 4 - Report Cards Live at 5

December 6 and 7 - NO SCHOOL - Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 12 - Geography Bee

December 14 - Winter Choir Concert

December 21-January 1 - No School - First Winter Break