eNews 12.13.18 

Don't forget to show your Winter Spirit tomorrow! 


Reminder: Next week we do have school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Wednesday is PJ Day

No school Dec 20-Jan 1

School resumes Jan 2

Parent Teacher Conferences

While we missed seeing the students around during conferences, it was great seeing our hallways full of families. Thank you for your time and partnership during parent/teacher conferences last week. When we work together as a team, our students can achieve even more! We enjoyed our time with you. 

Notelet Please remember when calling your child in for an illness to leave a reason for the absence such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting. And remember when to keep your child home...

Fever: Does your child have a fever over 100 degrees F. orally? 
Temperature should remain normal (below 98.6 degrees) for 24 hours without any fever reducing medication before returning to school 

Sore throat: Is it accompanied by fever, headache, stomachache or swollen glands?

Vomiting: Has your child vomited in a 24 hour period? 

Diarrhea: Has there been more than one occurrence in a 24 hour  period? 

Eyes: Are your child’s eyes crusty, bright red and/or discharging yellow or green fluid? 

Nasal discharge (yellow or greenish): Is there colorful nasal mucus that is accompanied by a fever or other symptoms of an upper respiratory infection? 

Cough: Does your child have a persistent, productive cough?

Appearance/Behavior: Is your child unusually tired, pale, have a lack of appetite, difficult to awaken, or confused? 

Rash: Does your child have a body rash not associated with heat, eczema, or an allergic reaction to a medication?   

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please keep your child home from school and consider seeking medical attention.

The most important thing you can do to prevent illness is for you and your child to wash your hands often with warm water and soap.

Remember to always keep the school updated with new phone numbers and emergency contacts, in case your student becomes ill at school.  

Skyward Logo

As we are heading into a busy holiday period, please remember to take the time to check your family's information in Skyward -  and of course we need to know, before an absence, if you are taking your child out of school or away on vacation. 

Family Access

Before we start a new year, it is a good time to make sure your information in Family Access is accurate!  Please take a few moments to check in Family Access here. You are welcome to send any updates to Donna Cleary, Registrar at Cascade Ridge (ClearyD@issaquah.wednet.edu). 


If your student will miss one or two days of school, please email the office at CaAttendance@issaquah.wednet.edu with the following information: student name, teacher, dates of absence and reason for absence.  If you’re going to be gone three consecutive schools days or more, you need to fill out the appropriate form below and return it to the office one week prior to the first day of the absence.  

If you’re going to be gone more than 2, but less than 20, days use this form:


If you’re going to be gone more than 20 days use this form:


Emergency Reunification Forms

If there were ever an emergency at Cascade Ridge we hope to serve your family best. One way to do this is knowing we can honor your requests during reunification in the event of an evacuation. To best accommodate you, we need to have up-to-date emergency contact information in Family Access, as we can only release child(ren) to those listed in our records. In addition, it would be great if you filled out the school's reunification form and kept one in each glove box of your vehicle (or somewhere easily accessible), just in case. Both of these precautions will help in an emergency evacuation and speed up the process of getting you and your child(ren) back together.

Click here for the reunification form.

Highly Capable Program Testing for Second Grade Students 2019 

Highly capable testing for second grade students at Cascade Ridge will occur January 15 through January 18 and continue March 5 through March 7. Students who are identified as “most highly capable” will be invited to enter either SAGE or MERLIN in the 2019-20 school year. Second grade students attending private or home-based schools are invited to participate and are encouraged to contact their boundary school. More information about the Issaquah School District Highly Capable Program and testing for second grade students is available on the Issaquah School District Website at https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/academics/programs/gifted. 

ISD logo   
Information from the District


Parents of 5th grade students attending Apollo, Cascade Ridge, Challenger, Creekside and Discovery Schools are invited to attend presentations of the Family Life and Sexual Health (Flash) and HIV/AIDS curriculum today, from 6:00 – 7:30 PM, and Saturday, December 15th from 9:00 – 10:30 AM, in Boardroom A of the Issaquah School District Administration Center.

Further information can be found in your Classroom Teacher's newsletter this week and on the Cascade Ridge website here. The parent letter provides more in-depth information about the program and the School Guidelines explain the opt-out procedure parents can follow.  

 Community Input Sought on Draft Interpretation of EL-16 Equity Policy

Last spring, the Issaquah School Board of Directors adopted a new Executive Limitation on Equity, called EL-16. We are now in the first phase of monitoring which requires the Superintendent to provide an interpretation of each sub-bullet within the Executive Limitation. 

The Superintendent has created a draft interpretation and invites the community to provide input into this interpretation. Once the Superintendent is satisfied with the interpretation, he and his team will begin to collect the evidence that must be brought forward for monitoring purposes. The ISD Board of Directors is scheduled to perform its first monitoring of EL-16 at the January 23, 2019 school board meeting. 

The Draft Interpretation of EL-16 is available for review or download on our website at https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/district/equity/el-16-equity 

Again, we welcome and hope to hear your feedback and comments either in person at a regular school board meeting or by emailing us at Equity@Issaquah.Wednet.edu.

ISF Make The season Bright

The season of caring and sharing is here! At this special time of year, we invite you to join us in giving students the essential support they need for success at school. 

Throughout the Issaquah School District, the Issaquah Schools Foundation is there to lend a helping hand through our Basic Student Needs programs. 

Beaver Lake Middle School Principal Stacy Cho shared the story of how the Basic Student Needs programs made a world of difference for one student:
"Let me tell you about an 11-year-old whose family recently experienced homelessness. During the first days of the school year, I showed him how he could choose a new, free backpack filled with school supplies. I shared that free breakfast bars were always available if he ever came to school hungry (and he would come to the office and eat six bars at a time). I helped his family access support from the Nurses Fund, which paid for transportation to doctor's appointments. This support set him up for success at school. It was all made possible by the Foundation."

This holiday season, will you help kids in need by donating to the Foundation's Basic Student Needs Fund? Click here to make a donation.


Fundraising Ideas!

We have lots of easy ways that you can contribute to the amazing enrichment opportunities at Cascade Ridge, funded by the PTSA

1.) Amazon Smile

Amazon makes gift giving so easy! 

Simply go to smile.amazon.com from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile. On your first visit, select Cascade Ridge Elementary PTSA as the charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchase. Your selection will be remembered for future purchases.

Shop as you normally do, using your regular or Prime account, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases directly to our school. https://smile.amazon.com/

 2.) Bartell Drugs

There is nothing like the drug store for last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. If you have a Bartell Drugs ‘B’ Caring card, you can contribute up to 4% each time you shop!

Here is how: 

  1. Sign-up for a ‘B’ Caring card https://secure.escrip.com/signup/index.jsp?cid=300404&ct=63
  2. Register your card and select CASCADE RIDGE 
  3. Use your card or phone number each time you shop!

 3.) Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets

Wet Sammamish winters will leave even the most pristine car in need of some TLC. The perfect gift for any driver: car wash tickets!

Get a clean car, save money and earn $$ for Cascade Ridge PTSA! For every $5 ticket purchased CRE PTSA earns $3.50 (normal price for basic exterior car wash is $8.00).

Order your brown bear tickets here: https://bit.ly/2rop6Ne

 4.) Coyote Gear

Gear up for spirit day! Order some Coyote Gear featuring the latest designs. 


5.) Cascade Ridge Socks

Take your school spirit to the next level with some Cascade Ridge socks. Perfect for spirit week or just lounging around. 

E-mail claireraphael@hotmail.com to order.

6.) Jamba Juice

Perfect for stocking stuffers, babysitter gifts, or even a treat for yourself.

Jamba Juice “Buy One, Get One Free” Punch Cards.
- Jamba Juice punch cards are only $10!
-Punch card is good for 6 Buy One Get One FREE! (Up to a $35 value)
-50% of the proceeds go to Cascade Ridge PTSA!

Order your punch cards here:  https://bit.ly/2AWIi92 

lunch for the break campaign logo

School breaks are an exciting time for most children. Time away from school and homework. The opportunity to sleep in late and stay up late. To celebrate with family and play with friends.

But for some children, school breaks are a time when their family doesn't have enough food. Many children in our community struggle with food insecurity when school is not in session.

Lunch for the Break is working to make sure all Issaquah School District students have enough to eat, even when school is not in session.

Lunch for the Break provides a free box of grocery items for each student in the family that can be used to make breakfast, lunch and snacks. Each box is filled according to a specific shopping list, so all boxes are the same. To get a feel for the shopping experience, check out a video made by local high school students!

Registration is open to those who would like to volunteer or receive a box for each student in the family. Here’s the link: https://issaquahfoodbank.org/lunchforthebreak 




  • 14: Winter Spirit Day!
  • 19: PJ Spirit Day - Wear your PJs to school!
  • 20: First Winter Break - no school


  • 2: All students return to school
  • 2: PTSA New Family Breakfast 
  • 4: Parent Play Day and Popcorn Friday
  • 7: Eager Reader Competition begins
  • 10: Class Pictures
  • 11: PTSA General Membership Meeting
  • 25: Science/Tech Field Trip