eNews 4.4.19 

spring break sign

We hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break next week.
There is no school for students and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to Cascade Ridge on Monday April 15th!

Let's Play


Tomorrow is our Parent Play Day and Popcorn Friday!

We are excited to welcome parents to recess tomorrow. Below are the guidelines if you are planning to visit. Please read carefully.


  • Do not park in fire lanes - this includes the lower loop and drop off zone. It is important that we don't block access to emergency vehicles in case of an emergency
  • You must park in a spot or on the street in an appropriate, legal place
  • Consider walking or carpooling. We do not have safe spots for every car

Checking in for Parent Play Day

  • Guests coming for Parent Play Day will find the check in table outside the main front doors. Please...
    • Sign in and put on a visitor badge
    • Walk around the right side of the school to the playground
    • Please be aware: The new gate, by the bus loop, will be open for you to enter and exit the playground. There will be no access at the other side of the school, near the small play area
    • When recess is over, walk through the new gate, around the outside of the school and back to the front door to sign out
  • Thanks for keeping us all safe!

During Parent Play Day:

  • Children that do not go to school at Cascade Ridge cannot attend Parent Play Day
  • Say your goodbyes when recess is over
  • If you have a scheduled volunteering appointment the same day and you have completed all the volunteer online paperwork, sign in at the front office as a volunteer before going to fulfill your commitment
  • Reminder: Parent Play Day is a recess event only - we sadly do not have room in the lunch room for parents to stay for lunch.


  • 11:20-11:45 1st and 3rd grade
  • 11:45-12:10 2nd and 4th grade, LRCII Primary
  • 12:10-12:35 Kinder and 5th Grade, Science Tech, LRCII Intermediate

Thank you!

lost and found

The lost and found is full of coats, jackets, backpacks, etc.  Please stop by the lost and found to claim any items that your child may have misplaced. 

All remaining items will be donated to a local charity tomorrowFriday April 5th

Spirit Days 
Our Student Board have decided April 19th with be a Pajama Party Spirit Day!  We look forward to seeing all your comfy choices! 


BLMS Animated logo


Spirit Days happen at BLMS every Friday throughout the school year. 

In order to welcome their new Bull Dogs in style, they have opened the online spirit wear store through April 30th for incoming 6th graders to prepare for the new year.  Follow the link below to see many new items, as well as offers for free T-Shirts with some orders: Go Bulldogs!




Will your student be participating in the sports programs offered at middle school?  If so, mark your calendar and plan to get their sports physical during the summer.   Students entering 6th and 9th grade are required to have a physical dated after June 1.   A physical, dated in the summer, is valid for the entire school year. 

If you normally schedule your child’s physical around their birthday, we suggest you consider postponing until summer.  Fifth grade students getting their physical while in the 5th grade will be required to get a second physical dated after June 1 if they want to participate in middle school sports.   For more information on middle school sports and the required physical form check out the ISD Middle School Sports webpage or call Beaver Lake Middle School office.  The office team will answer all your questions. 


flu bug

Influenza: When to Keep Your Student Home from School and How to Prevent the Spread of Flu
School Nurses are currently seeing students in the health room who are experiencing fever-related illnesses, including influenza, or, the flu. To prevent the spread of the flu, please keep children home from school when they have a fever of 100.0 F or higher. They should remain at home for at least 24 hours after their temperature has returned to normal (98.6F) without the aid of fever-reducing medication, such as Children’s Tylenol or Advil. Please do not send your student to school if fever-reducing medication has been administered at home before leaving for school. Parents/guardians will be contacted to pick up their student if they have returned to school less than 24 hours after experiencing a fever-related illness. For more information, please visit the main ISD website

Remember to update school office with any new phone numbers and emergency contacts, in case your student becomes ill at school.   

ISD logo   
Information from the School District

Call for Art: 2019-2020 PRINT Student Art Calendar

Thanks to support from the Seattle Times, every family and staff member in the Issaquah School District will once again receive a free print copy of the Student Art Calendar in the 2019-2020 school year—easy to hang on the wall to keep track of important school dates! Every current student in the district is invited to submit artwork to fill the pages for thousands of homes and offices. Get your creative juices flowing because the deadline is Friday, April 5, 2019 at midnight. Click here to visit the Call for Art webpage for full details!

Last Day of School – Thursday, June 27, 2019

This past February’s historic snowfall created many challenges for our community and school system. Now that it appears our snowy winter weather is subsiding, we can communicate the remainder of our school year calendar. In accordance with our negotiated agreements and approved 2018-19 school year calendar, the six days of school missed due to weather will be added to the end of the current school year calendar. The last day of school is now Thursday, June 27th. High School Graduation dates will not change.

Every school district in our region has a unique set of circumstances related to how they might make up snow days. As a result, you will see districts implementing different plans. Options such as built in snow make-up days, conversion of non-student professional development days, state waivers or renegotiating instruction time are not viable options for the ISD this year. With this recent snow event resetting our common experience, the District is exploring opportunities to build in more snow day make-up options to our future calendars. Any changes will be communicated as soon as possible.

Incoming Kindergarten Students & Open Enrollment 

Will Your Child be Starting Kindergarten in September 2019?

Kindergarten online registration began February 1st, 2019 and can be accessed from the Issaquah School District website here. If you cannot access the online application, or have other registration questions, please visit or call (425-837-5500) the Cascade Ridge office for assistance between 8:00-4:00pm on school days. After submitting your online application, you will be asked to come into Cascade Ridge to pick up a packet. Please bring your ID when you come. 

A Kindergarten Information Night for families and students will be held on May 20. Stay tuned for more details regarding this evening event. 

Elementary Summer School Registration is open! 

Elementary Summer School is now open to current kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5) students in the Issaquah School District. The Elementary Summer School program will provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce skills and to get a jump-start on the next grade-level learning. All Elementary Summer School classes are dependent upon staffing.

Classes will be held on weekdays from July 8 through August 2, 9:00am to 12:00pm at Clark Elementary School. Tuition for the 4-week Summer School program is $400.00. Registration forms are located on the Elementary Summer School Website. If you are unable to download the registration materials your elementary school office has hard copies in the school office. Families are required to provide transportation to and from Summer School.

Registration will close on Friday, April 19. 

Summer Robotics Class is now open for registration. The Robotics program is a two-week class for current 4th and 5th grade students only. This course teaches the fundamentals of robotics using LEGO Mindstorm Kits. A minimum of 12 students is required for this class to proceed.

Two sessions will be offered, Session 1 runs weekdays from July 9 to July 20, Session 2, runs weekdays from July 22 to August 2. Both sessions will meet between 9:00 am-11:00 am at Clark Elementary School. Tuition for this two-week program is $250.00 and registration forms are on the Elementary Summer School WebsiteIf you are unable to download the registration materials your elementary school office will have hard copies in the school office. Families are required to provide transportation to and from Robotics class.

Registration will close on Friday, April 19.


emily whitman night

Unfortunately, Emily Whitman, our visiting author scheduled to present to parents/teachers this evening has come down with a serious case of the flu. She is unable to travel at this time.
The session has been rescheduled to May 30, 2019 at the Administration building from 6:30-7:30 and we look forward to welcoming you then.



Thank You Science Fair Volunteers!

This year’s Science Fair was such a success thanks to our amazing volunteers:

Sandra Vanderzee, Andrea Obert, Stacy Gazjuk, Tiffany Parker, Claire Raphael, Lloyd Raphael, Jeff Mucha, Chandra Polisetti, Diane Pattillo, Elana Clayton, Vanya Avramova, Nigar Suleman, Lotte Goede, Swati Jain, Kim Evans, April Gregory, Cara Camire, Erica Fewel, Chen Li, Navreen Malik, Anupama Motamarri, Amy Passalacqua, Colleen Leonard, Darlene Baker, Jeffrey Woffinden, Paula Koransky, Kerri Shek, Ripal Shah, Shannon Romanski, Anamika Malhotra, Peter Rojas, Liping Wang, Neha Mathur, Krishna Srinivasan, the Jucht family, the Boba family, Darshana Dave, Uday Dave, Shalini Sivakumar, Zhihua Tao, Binu Surendranath, Lisa Grady, Qibo Fan, Vivaksha Khanduri, Indu Sharma, Shefali Patel, Emily Ma, Lonnie Hwang, Qingyi Gu and to everyone else that pitched in Thursday night to help clean up after the Science Fair.  We appreciate YOU!!

There are still leftover science fair boards in the school foyer.  If you did not bring your child’s board home after the science fair, please stop by and pick it up.  The boards will be recycled this Friday if left unclaimed. 


PTSA Volunteer Awards

PTSA service awards are given every year to outstanding volunteers for their service to our school and community. These awards recognize the contributions individuals have made at Cascade Ridge Elementary and within our local community. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners!  We acknowledge and greatly appreciate your commitment to Cascade Ridge and our community! 

  • Angela Fischer– Lifetime Achievement
  • Carrie Lam– Outstanding Advocate 
  • Darlene Baker– Outstanding Advocate
  • Amy Hayes– Golden Acorn 
  • Emily Ma– Golden Acorn 

These deserving volunteers will be honored at a district-wide reception in April. When you see these deserving recipients, please give them a pat on the back and thank them for all of their hard work on behalf of our school and community – and look for their names on the Golden Acorn plaque displayed in the front hall of our school. 


Interested in supporting Cascade Ridge and working on our many fun events or joining the PTSA Board for the next year? 

The PTSA Nominating Committee is working to identify the best candidates to support our Cascade Ridge Community, so that our kids and teachers have an amazing year!

There are a variety of roles available depending on your skill set, interests and availability. We would love to find a great match for you. If you are interested in any role or would like to learn more about them, kindly drop a note to us at nominatingcommittee@cascaderdigeptsa.org and we will get in touch with you.


Check out the PTSA website under “Enrichment” for information and to register, or click on the links below. Information may be subject to change.  All classes are in the afternoon unless otherwise noted.


The Piano Keyboard Club with Musical Minds, Morning Class, Grades K-5.
3D Drawing and Perspective with Crimson Canvas, Grades 3-5.
It’s Debatable with Grasshopper, Grades 1-5
Eastside Drama Kids, Grades 1-5


Fly Spanish, Morning class, Year-round 
Battlebots Robotics with Leap4Kidz, Grades 3-5
Fly Spanish, Year-round
Karate with WA Shito Ryu Academy.  Day may be subject to change.


Twisted Fairytales with Village Theater, Grades K -3
Kids Create with Code Club with Techventure Kids, Grades 2-5


Intro Jr. Robotics from Leap4Kidz, Grades K-2


Drawing & Painting with Museo Art Academy, Grades K-5
Fly Spanish, Year-round

Cascade Ridge PTSA, Cascade Ridge Elementary, and the Issaquah School District do not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of the organizations, services, or activities described in these materials. In consideration for the privilege to distribute this information, Cascade Ridge PTSA, Cascade Ridge Elementary, and the Issaquah School District shall be held harmless from any causes of action filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney’s fees, judgments, or awards.


Hello Cascade Ridge Parents!

Join us on April 25th 6-8pm at the Festival of Cultures in the Coyote Café!

Festival of Cultures is an event where we celebrate our school diversity, while learning about our different cultural backgrounds through games, entertainment, and tasting flavors from around the world; a very fun and educational event!

Country Representatives are needed! 

Would you like to represent a country or a culture? 

Download the Country Information Form and Email it, by Saturday March 30th, to



Our children will love seeing their cultures represented, and entertain us with a fashion show where they can show off their cultural attire

We are excited to celebrate our diversity in this amazing event! You cannot miss it! 


Family Bingo Night

Mark your calendars and save the “new” date! Family Bingo Night has been rescheduled to Friday, May 17th. We hope you can join us for this fun family event! Visit the Cascade Ridge PTSA website to purchase tickets and pre-order pizza. We are also looking for volunteers. If you can help, please sign up on the PTSA website.

For questions, contact us at bingonight@cascaderidgeptsa.org.

 PTSA Fundraising Ideas!

1.) Amazon Smile

Simply go to smile.amazon.com and on your first visit, select 'Cascade Ridge Elementary PTSA' as the charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchase. Your selection will be remembered for future purchases.

 2.) Bartell Drugs

If you have a Bartell Drugs ‘B’ Caring card, you can contribute up to 4% each time you shop! Sign-up for a ‘B’ Caring card at https://secure.escrip.com/signup/

Register your card and select CASCADE RIDGE 

 3.) Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets

For every $5 ticket purchased PTSA earns $3.50 (normal price for basic exterior car wash is $8.00).

Order your brown bear tickets here: https://bit.ly/2rop6Ne

 4.) Coyote Gear

Gear up for spirit day! Order some Coyote Gear featuring the latest designs. 


5.) Cascade Ridge Socks

Take your school spirit to the next level with some Cascade Ridge socks. Perfect for spirit week or just lounging around. 

E-mail claireraphael@hotmail.com to order.

6.) Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice “Buy One, Get One Free” Punch Cards are only $10!
-Punch card is good for 6 Buy One Get One FREE! (Up to a $35 value)
-50% of the proceeds go to Cascade Ridge PTSA!

Order your punch cards here:  https://bit.ly/2AWIi92  

resonate dining for dollars

April Dining for Kids at Resonate Brewery + Pizzeria
Enjoy a great meal for a great cause! The Issaquah Schools Foundation invites you to Dining for Kids to raise funds for our Feeding Student Success program, which provides food aid in schools. Join us anytime Wednesday, April 3 at Resonate Brewery + Pizzeria in Bellevue. Resonate will generously donate a portion of your bill to the Foundation.

JOIN US! - Nourish Every Mind 2019
You won’t want to miss one of these great Issaquah Schools Foundation events!  Come hear inspiring stories from students and staff who have directly benefited from Foundation investments.  Registration for both events is open here.

  • Luncheon: Friday, May 3 at Meydenbauer Center
  • Breakfast: Tuesday, May 14 at Eastridge Church


Every Wednesday: Coyote Spirit Day
Every Friday: Team Spirit Day


  • 5: Parent Play Day & Popcorn Friday
  • 8-12: Spring Break: NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
  • 16: Scratch Club starts with Ms Roark
  • 19: Sci/Tech Field Trip
  • 19: PJ Party Spirit Day
  • 19: Great Kid Lunch
  • 23: 5th Grade Concert
  • 25: PTSA Festival of Cultures
  • 4/25-5/2: 5th Grade SBA Testing
  • 26: Great Kids Lunch
  • 30: Birthday Cupcakes
  • 30: 1st Grade Concert