eNews 3.19.19 

Bestselling Children’s Author, Trudy Ludwig,
is coming to Cascade Ridge!

 ATTENTION ALL PARENTS:  On Tuesday March 19, you are invited to attend Trudy’s special parent presentation: “Understanding Our Kids’ Online & Offline Social World: Friendships, Cliques & Power Plays.” This family night, co-sponsored by our school and Endeavour Elementary, will take place at Cascade Ridge Elementary from 6:00 -7:30 pm.

 Trudy has been featured in U.S. national media outlets including ABC’s “Good Morning America,” PBS’s nationally syndicated show, “Keeping Kids Healthy,” Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and the National Crime Prevention Council’s Circle of Respect program. She has also served as an expert panel member on Sesame Workshop’s video series addressing bullying. Her books (My Secret Bully, Just Kidding, Sorry!, Trouble Talk, Too Perfect, Confessions of a Former Bully, Better Than You, The Invisible Boy, Gifts from the Enemy, and her newest release, Quiet Please, Owen McPhee!) have received international praise for helping children connect and engage with their peers in kinder, more inclusive ways.

 For more information about Trudy, her books, and other resources on the topics of friendship and bullying issues, please visit the author’s website: www.trudyludwig.com.     

Optional: You will be able to order Ms. Ludwig's books through the PTSA tonight! Checks Only - made to Cascade Ridge PTSA!