eNews 12.11.18

Spirit Days!

A Special Message from Coyote Student Board:

Coyote Student Board Members

Do you know about the upcoming school spirit day? If not, you are about to find out...

It’s a Winter Spirit Day!

On December 14, wear anything that represents winter to you! Wear hats, sweaters, scarves, mittens, gloves and more! It’s what winter spirit means to you! Remember, do not wear something that will distract you or others learning. If you wear a hat, you might have to take of your hat in class. 

Don’t forget on December 14 to wear your winter wear!

Also, on December 19th the whole school will come wearing PJs for:

School PJ Day!

You can also wear slippers but bring spare shoes to wear during recess time and PE! Remember to not wear anything that will distract your learning or others learning. 

Don’t forget on December 14 to wear your Winter wear

and on December 19 to wear your PJs!

Coyote Student Board is a 4th and 5th Grade Leadership Club.