Issaquah School District

Cascade Ridge Site Council 2018-2019





Cascade Ridge Elementary

Monday, January 7th, 2019



Call to Order: 


Welcome:  In Attendance

  • School Administrator – Tia Kleinkopf (Principal), Patti Foryan (Dean of Students)
  • Staff Members –Angela Ahlemeyer staff, Illene DeRemer (Primary rep) Demetra Trull (Intermediate Rep), Pat Corra (LAP teacher)
  • Parent/Community Members –Matt Gehmen, Qibo Fan, Swati Jain
  • PTSA Rep – Amy Hayes (EVP)


Not in attendance: Donna Cleary, staff


Pat Corra – LAP presentation

  • Presentation of LAP program
    • LAP uses the Reading Explorers program
      • To determine eligibility for the program, they administer Fountas and Pinnell tests and use those scores as well as reading grades from the previous year. After reviewing this list, they select students with the most need from this list of students. Pat provides reading instruction support to these students.  She will email the LAP program presentation to Amy for reference.
      • This year reading teachers are working collaboratively from all the schools and they are looking into expanding Fountas and Pinnell tests for next year. Title 1 schools get money and LAP money. Cascade Ridge receives LAP funding only since we are not a Title 1 school.  Pat currently serves 27 students and Cynthia serves 22 students.


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  November 5th, 2018

Amy made motion to approve the minutes and Demetra 2nd the motion.


Staff Report:  


  • Illene- K-2



Reading – I can sequence fictional story pictures. I can describe the relationship between illustration and story. I can describe the relationship between illustration and non-fiction text.

Writing – I can write about a true event in sequential order. I can add details through illustrations, speech bubbles and labels.  I can use a checklist to edit my story.  I can edit and publish my story.

Math – I can compare objects using “the same as”. I can compare classroom objects using “heavier than” and “lighter than” and the same as with balance scales. I can observe conservation of weight on a balance scale.

Science – I can learn about polar weather. I can learn about the characteristics of snow and ice.

Social – I can use my hands to do my Coyote Code and classroom jobs.


1st Grade:

Reading – Building good reading habits, adding to phonics foundation, and strengthening comprehension with strategies like retelling, asking questions, making connections, etc.

Writing – We are moving into our first non-fiction writing unit in which students will be creating teaching books.

Math – We are midway through module 2 which emphasizes addition and subtraction of numbers through 19 with base 10 strategies.

Science/Social studies – We are finishing up our exploration of living and non-living things and moving into unit 2 of social studies – our world.


2nd Grade:

Reading: Guided reading groups and Benchmark Assessment stories to support comprehension. Continuing with Making Meaning Stories and Retelling Responses.

Writing – We are starting Informational writing and will be writing a lab report based on our first controlled experiment, deciding what materials pick up pollen.

Math: Next week we will finish Module 4 and then will begin Module 5.  We are taking assessments on exit tickets and application problems that we select as a team.

Science – We are starting our unit on Hand Pollinators.  We just finished with Organisms.  We will be testing materials to see what picks up pollen the best and designing hand pollinators using simulated flowers.  We are also learning about Integrated Pest Management from reading a Narrative Input called Marian’s Butterfly.  The students will be put in groups and work on their reading fluency with the Reader’s Theater called The Little Pollinators.


  • Demetra- 3-5


5th Grade:

We’re wrapping up our first unit of social studies which has focused on different perspectives/points of view as Europeans settled in North America.  We’ll then switch to science for a little while and learn about heredity and adaptation.  In math, we’re adding and subtracting fractions.  In reading, we’re doing a mini study on figurative language. Then we’ll start our third Lucy reading unit which will match our third Lucy writing unit on argument writing. 


4th Grade:

We completed our 2nd unit in writing which was opinion writing. We have started our 3rd unit on informational writing, which will be supported by our Reading Units of Study which is focused on reading non-fiction text and creating a team project centered around natural disasters.  We are starting our new Science unit on Earth’s Changing Surfaces, and have just moved into our second SS unit on earliest explorers to the NW. We loved learning about our students’ cultural celebrations and traditions before the break, and were so impressed with their presentations.  2019 is off to a great start!


3rd Grade:

We completed our 1st social studies unit learning about U.S. regions. It was exciting for the students to make connections to different states/regions where they have lived or visited. We are now starting a rocks and minerals science unit. The students really enjoyed the fossils lab by Kate Poaster as a kick off to the unit. The lab had 35 different fossil stations. Students were able to search for information and learn how different types of fossils were formed. In Units of Study, we are working on informational report writing on topics of interest. Students are excited for Eager Reader and earning prizes for their reading.

*Demetra noted that one of the issues for the new social studies curriculum is providing access to the research and material.  There is a move from textbooks towards computers and online programs and there is a need for more computer access to be able to fully implement these programs.  The students are required to work on presentations, complete research, etc. 

  • Angela- EA’s
    • The more popular, shorter basketball hoop is very close to the Wall Ball wall and it’s causing issues at recess. Would it be possible to get another shorter basketball hoop or be able to move it away from the wall ball court?  Tia said they can look at it on the school end see about the cost of a new shorter hoop.
    • PBSES – for EAs
      • The EAs give coyote coins for students going above and beyond (be safe, be kind, do your job) at recess and they can earn one for their lunch period for helping to clean up after lunch. They are rewarded by getting free seating and music on Fridays.  This is very popular with students.
    • Donna – Office Staff
      • Kindergarten registration is coming up in February and is all online. There are a few forms that need to be turned into the office.  The March 8th deadline is to help with staffing.  Assessments for Kinders starts in the spring. Some kids qualify for summer school and this helps staff with placement.


Principal’s Report:  Tia Kleinkopf

  • School budget general overview
    • Tia will email the budget document to Amy.
    • The building budget is based on how many students are enrolled.
    • Certificated staff
      • have a building budget for supplies
      • staff can receive money for extra work
        • attending meetings, serving as a GLAD rep, etc.
      • Classified staff
        • have a budget for supplies
        • they can receive money for extra work
      • Technology budget
      • Library budget
      • Co-curricular budget
        • teachers to run clubs
          • chess, girls on the run, student council, leadership choir
        • Curriculum support
          • staff development, activities for training
        • Student needs
          • assemblies, equipment, supplies
        • ASB budget
          • this money is for grade level events
          • the money follows the students from one grade to the next if there is a discrepancy in cost.
          • For 5th grade students, the money is rolled into the 5th grade party.


PTSA Report:  Amy Hayes

  • The Book Fair was a very successful event
  • Holiday Gift Barn
    • PTSA transported 4 SUVs full of toys, supplies and basic necessities to Pickering Barn.
  • Volunteer Referral program
    • Parents can earn Starbucks gift cards for referring volunteers. They also have the chance to win a gift certificate to Evereve for multiple referrals.  The volunteers must complete the volunteer work for the incentives to be earned.
  • The winter schedule for before and after school programs is up and running on the PTSA website. A community survey for these programs is available online as well.
  • Update on Winter Programs & Events
    • New Family Breakfast Jan 2nd – well attended (15 students invited)
    • PTSA General membership meeting January 11th
    • Eager Reader starts this week – green this year!
    • Talent Show January 22nd
    • Engineering Night January 31st
    • Science Fair registration coming up
    • Spelling Bee February 4-7th


Share out Kindness ideas, examples

  • Illene
    • Acts of kindness coupons in 2nd
    • Boomerang kindness video shown in 2nd This was sent out via enews.
    • Students wrote letters to a veteran.
  • Perkins’s class showed appreciation to the custodians.
  • Tia
    • Kindness week
      • Started off the week with kindness coins and students had to pass them on for kindness – pay it forward program.
      • Graffiti area to write out acts of kindness posted in the multipurpose room.
      • Read stories of kindness, kids could share out examples of kindness.
    • Demetra
      • Students participated in a program (Seesaw?) where kids can post questions or statements and parents can see these and respond. Kids wrote about acts of kindness during this week and parents and other kids responded.
    • Angie – LRC 1 class
      • Kids wrote get well cards for the EA that was injured earlier this year.


New Business:

  • Community Questions
    • None at this time.


 Adjourn:  Next meeting March 4, 2019