Issaquah School District

Cascade Ridge Site Council 2017-2018






Cascade Ridge Elementary

Monday, March 5th, 2018



Call to Order: 


Welcome:  Introductions

  • School Administrator – Patti Foryan (Dean of Students)
  • Staff Members –Donna Cleary, staff, Angela Ahlemeyer staff, Makenzie Lee (Primary rep) Demetra Trull (Intermediate Rep)
  • Parent/Community Members –AJ Henderson, PJ Maffett, Dafna Tarlowe, April Gregory
  • PTSA Rep – Sandy McNees (EVP)      


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  November 6th, 2017, Donna moves to approve, PJ 2nds, Approved


Principal’s Report:  Patti

Report cards live at 5 on March 19th

Close to date on wall

New round of drama with kids stage started last week

Classroom placement letters coming out soon


Staff Report:  Donna--Support staff, Angela- EA’s, Makenzie- K-2, Demetra- 3-5


Donna – Kindergarten registrations – 53 packets have been handed out - had 58 kindergarteners this year; trouble with people driving in the bus loop when they are not meant to be; cones and signs have been put up and seem to have helped but still had one additional instance.


  • Reading: They have finished up our F&P testing for second trimester. 
  • Writing: How to writing and preparing for assessments
  • Science: They just finished up our woodland forest unit and will be starting our rain forest unit. 
  • Math: They are working on number bonds. 

First Grade

  • Reading: They are working on visualizing in reading. 
  • Spelling: They are working on digraphs (th, wh, sh, ph). 
  • Science: They are just starting the Magnets and Motion unit. 
  • Math: They are working on Module 4: Adding and Subtracting within 40.
  • Writing: They are starting Opinion Writing. 

Second Grade 

  • Fun: They just finished two sessions of “Cartooniversity” with local artist, Jeff Johnson. Friday morning they have their Toymaker workshop.
  • Math: They are working on Module 6: multiplication readiness with arrays and equal groups.
  • Reading: They are working on “Wondering” and are Finishing up F&P assessments. The next unit will be on non-fiction text features.
  • Writing: They are working on Opinion Writing and Book Reviews.
  • ​Science: They just finished making hand pollinators and are starting Force and Motion soon.​

Third Grade

  • We just finished assessing students’ reading levels using Fountas and Pinnell and will be forming new guided reading groups based on the information we collected. We will also begin preparation for the SBAC using the laptops. Students wrapped up their Native American Report Writing and completed their unit studies. We are excited to start learning about the Oregon Trail and pioneers. In math we are teaching fractions which is going well. Looking forward to the Science Fair.


Fourth Grade

  • Students are working hard on their WA State books. The book incorporates everything from map skills to persuasive writing, poetry, etc.  The students are enjoying working on them.
  • We are working hard on Module 5, which is fractions, and the kiddos are doing great.
  • In Reading, we are working on non-fiction comprehension strategies, and applying their learning to our informational writing.  We thoroughly enjoyed using the Lucy Calkins “bookshelf” purchased with PTSA money.  The topic was of interest for our students, and their level of engagement was high!


Fifth Grade

  • We are wrapping up argument writing.  Working on heredity and adaptation in science.  Social Studies is on hold at the moment.  We’re working on fractions these days, lots of multiplying and dividing of fractions.  Thinking about camp.  Visiting Beaver Lake in two weeks to start thinking about middle school. 


PTSA Report:  Sandy McNees

  • Update on Winter Programs & Events
    • All About Growing Up – Girls, March 5th 6:30-8:30pm
    • All About Growing Up – Boys, March 6th 6:30-8:30pm
    • PTSA Social- March 9th, 10am
    • Staff Appreciation Luncheon March 13th
    • Dine out at the Ram- March 6th
    • Science Fair March 22nd
    • Dine out at Hop Jacks – April 24th
    • Talk with Tia/PTSA General Meeting April 20th 9:15a – vote in new Board
  • Movie night had half the turn out as normal
  • Spelling Bee had a great turnout


New Business:

  • Community Questions
    • ISF Grants — Last year no Cascade Ridge teachers/staff submitted applications for grants. Did they this year? Are we training them or encouraging them to take advantage of this great opportunity?
      • 2 grants were approved by the PTSA last month
    • School Security - Any update on when school entrance will be redone? How do we keep portables and recess areas safe? – planning to do most of the demo during spring break.
    • Wednesday March 14th, 10am walkout for 17 minutes – no official stance yet, the district has not made a statement, they are waiting until the union and the administration meet. Tia is waiting on word from the district but wearing Orange to promote kindness was discussed as a possible response to the walkout.


 Adjourn:  Next meeting May 7, 2018