Issaquah School District

Cascade Ridge Site Council 2017-2018






Cascade Ridge Elementary

Monday, May 7th, 2018



Call to Order: 


Welcome:  Introductions

  • School Administrator – Tia Kleinkopf (Principal)
  • Staff Members –Donna Cleary, staff, Angela Ahlemeyer staff, Mackenzie Lee (Primary rep) Demetra Trull (Intermediate Rep)
  • Parent/Community Members –AJ Henderson, PJ Maffett, Dafna Tarlowe, April Gregory
  • PTSA Rep – Sandy McNees (EVP)      


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  March 5th, 2018

            Dafna moved to approved, Demetra 2nd, APPROVED


Principal’s Report:  Tia

  • Review Student Handbook
    • Try to work with kiddos to solve problems directly before looping in parents to keep the level of the incident less escalated, if there are repeated offenses, then the parents are notified.
    • Suspension is being used less as a punishment as it’s not proven to help resolve issues.
  • Parking lot and pick up
    • Parents are coming too early or too late to drop their students. One solution may be parent volunteers stationed at various places around the school to help with the traffic & parking lot problems.  Another potential solution is to have the safety patrol parents involved with volunteering.  Might have a funny informational video to show at curriculum night on the do’s and don’t of the parking lot and drop off/pick up loop.
    • Safety patrollers are 10 year old’s, they do their best but it’s not a system that we can rely on them to keep us safe, they are not going to stop traffic.
  • School Security update
    • The whole system will be operational by August


Staff Report:  Donna--Support staff, Angela- EA’s, Makenzie- K-2, Demetra- 3-5



  • 5th graders will be training 4th graders for safety patrol; 4th graders will be doing safety patrol while the 5th graders were at camp



  • Math: We are working on module 5- Teen numbers
  • Science: We are studying the desert ecosystem, Ocean next month
  • Writing: We on our last unit- persuasive writing


First grade:

  • Science: They are working on plants. 
  • Math: They are on module 6- their last module. 
  • Writing: They are working on realistic fiction. 
  • Fun: They are preparing for their Mother's Day Tea for this Friday.  ​


Second Grade:

  • Reading:Non-fiction text features
  • Writing:All About Non-fiction Books
  • Next unit for writing ispoetry
  • Math:Measurement, Module 7 of 8 in Eureka
  • Science:Force and Motion unit. Kat​e Poaster force and motion lab upcoming
  • Next unit for science isLight and Shadow
  • Second Step: Almost completed curriculum on problem solving strategies and playing fairly
  • Art Docent:clay, coil pots


3rd Grade:

  • We are beginning SBAC testing.  The students are excited to have it completed and begin their adventure at Apple Valley Pioneer School.
  • Students have been busy traveling the Oregon Trail and writing personal Pioneer Diaries of their adventures along the way.
  • We have many activities planned during Apple Valley School: Guest presenter for Pioneer Storytelling, Pioneer Living Workshop, Music Concert, Pioneer Spelling Bee, Poetry Recitation, Butter Making, etc. The culminating activity will be a graduation ceremony and pioneer pail lunch celebration with pioneer games like Kick the Can.
  • In science we are recording and graphing weather, in math we are working on geometry concepts, and we are reading novels during small group reading instruction.


4th Grade:

  • We completed SBAC testing last week.  The kiddos were tired after 4 full days, but persevered, and did great. 
  • We have just completed our Informational Unit, where the students researched and wrote about a historical topic.  They created a Bare Book of their work, complete with text features, and all of the elements of a non-fiction, published text.  They have done a great job on this project.  We have started our final unit on Literary Essay.
  • We have started working on Market Day activities, and will be learning about trade, economy, and will end with the culminating activity of Market Day.
  • In Math, we are learning about angles and properties of geometrical shapes.
  • It has been a great year! We have seen tremendous growth in each individual student, and we are so proud of their progress.  They are excited to be 5th Graders and take on the responsibility of being Cascade Ridge’s new school leaders.


5th Grade:

  • We just finished SBAC testing and now we are trying to wrap up projects.
  • In math we are working on volume, starting a fantasy unit in reading, and writing poetry. Soon we will be working on memoir in writing,
  • We are also in the middle of teaching FLASH, and getting ready for camp at the end of the month.


PTSA Report:  Sandy McNees

  • Upcoming Spring Events
  • May 7-11 Staff Appreciation Week
  • May 8th Kendra Scott 6pm-9pm 20% of sales come back to school
  • May 18th PTSA General Membership Meeting 9:15a
  • May 21st – May 24th Kindness Week
  • June 1st Parent Play date and Popcorn Friday
  • June 1st- Parent’s Night out at Karate West
  • June 8th Donuts with Dads -8:30-9 in the Café
  • June 20th- Last day of school- Ben and Jerry’s $3/scoop


  • Nominating Committee Presentation of the 2017-2018 Executive Slate
    • Co-President’s - AJ Henderson and Stephanie Middleton
    • Executive Vice President - Amy Hayes
    • Treasurer - Lisa Righetti
    • Secretary - Sandy McNees
    • VP Communications - Swati Jain
    • Co-VP Fundraising - Angela Fischer and Holly Briscoe
    • Co-VP Programs - Tiffany Parker and Andrea Obert
    • VP Volunteers - Katie Mack
    • VP Community Relations - Paula Koransky