Issaquah School District

Cascade Ridge Site Council 2017-2018






Cascade Ridge Elementary

Monday, February 5th, 2018



Call to Order:  Sandy called the meeting to order at 4:02pm


Welcome:  Introductions

  • School Administrator – Tia Kleinkopf (Principal)
  • Staff Members –Donna Cleary, staff, Angela Ahlemeyer staff, Makenzie Lee (Primary rep) Demetra Trull (Intermediate Rep)
  • Parent/Community Members –AJ Henderson, PJ Maffett, Dafna Tarlowe, April Gregory
  • PTSA Rep – Sandy McNees (EVP)      


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  November 6th, 2017


Donna motioned to approve the minutes, AJ seconded the motion – minutes  APPROVED


Principal’s Report:  Tia Kleinkopf

  • Climbing wall – money will go to school board at next meeting – Feb 14th
  • Issues with parking lot – cars in the bus loop – going to leave the cones out all day to prevent this – there are also signs that say ‘district vehicles only’.
  • Parent play day – cars parking in the fire lane has been a problem, Tia will talk to fire department about how much space they need & will potentially block that space off during the play dates.
  • Testing season begins in April for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, ELL testing is going on right now, teachers are also doing classroom-based assessment right now.


Staff Report:  Donna--Support staff, Angela- EA’s, Makenzie- K-2, Demetra- 3-5

  • Kindergarten packets are being handed out – info night in May
  • Kindergarten just finished up an Arctic Regions unit and is moving into learning about Forests in the PNW. We finished up Narrative writing and are starting an informational How-To Unit. We have finished units 1-3 of math and started unit 4 last week. 
  • First grade is working on Information Writing. They are studying nonfiction texts in reading and are learning about families around the world and the continents. In math they are working on 
  • Second grate is working on book reviews and opinion writing. We are wrapping up our science unit where the kids have been learning about the engineering process and designing hand pollinators. We are looking forward to our music concert on the 13th and we’re having two sessions of Cartooniversity this month.
  • 3rd grade is learning about Pacific Coast Native Americans. The Cedar and Salmon workshop in January with Ronn Wilson was awesome. Thanks to PTSA for funding part of the program. Students are currently working on non-fiction report writing based on the information they have learned about Native Americans. We are also busy learning about area in math and reassessing all the students to find their current instructional reading levels. Two classes just wrapped up the winter session of drama. The kids LOVED it!
  • 4th Grade is doing great.  We are working hard in our writing to make informational Bare Books about our historical topics.  The students are excited and engaged.  We are moving along in Math, and are seeing the benefits of the new program, especially after the 2nd year of implementation.  Each of our classes has been actively using the PTSA sponsored cameras to do our photography/creative writing projects.  We have just completed a project with Norman Rockwell, and the students will be doing a narrative writing piece to go with it. 
  • 5th grade is working on fractions in math, graphic novels in reading, research based argument in writing, heredity and adaptations in science.  Two classes are wrapping up drama…thank you PTSA for the opportunity. 
  • All Grade levels are excited for the Science Fair
  • New umbrellas and hand warmers from PTSA for the crossing guards are much appreciated.

PTSA Report:  Sandy McNees

  • Update on Winter Programs & Events
    • Spelling Bee Feb. 5th, 6th and 8th
    • Family Movie Night March 2nd
    • All About Growing Up – Girls, March 5th 6:30-8:30pm
    • All About Growing Up – Boys, March 6th 6:30-8:30pm
    • Dine out at the Ram- March 6th
    • Science Fair March 22nd


New Business:

  • Community Questions
    • PTSA sponsoring events back to back
      • PTSA will layer in the concerts to the calendar & tries to plan one major event each month
    • Process for cleaning tables during lunch
      • Tia has asked at the district level if this is the most sanitary process & is waiting to hear back. Most elementary schools have the same process – a rag with warm soapy water is passed down the table and each child cleans their own space; Tia will look into potentially having the green team wipe down the tables.
    • Class photo photographer
      • Attention to detail appears to be lacking – potentially change photographers, potentially change timing of pictures to “meet the teacher” day or some other time.
    • Growth Mindset
      • Some of the staff is currently working on personal development related to growth midset.
      • Makenzie shared a video with her Kindergarten parents before report cards came out about how to talk to students about their progress – she agreed to share it with Tia, who will incorporate it into kindergarten info night.


 Adjourn:  Next meeting March 5, 2018