Issaquah School District

Cascade Ridge Site Council 2018-2019





Cascade Ridge Elementary

Monday, November 5th, 2018



Call to Order: 


Welcome:  Introductions

  • School Administrator – Tia Kleinkopf (Principal)
  • Staff Members –Donna Cleary, staff, Illene DeRemer (Primary rep) Demetra Trull (Intermediate Rep)
  • Parent/Community Members –Qibo Fan, Swati Jain
  • PTSA Rep – Amy Hayes (EVP)


Not in attendance:

Matt Gehmen, parent

Angela Ahlemeyer, staff


Site Council Training:

  • Amy reviewed Site Council training with members.
  • All communication from community and school stakeholders needs to first go through their designated Site Council representatives.
  • We need to promote how to submit questions, concerns, etc. to Site Council via facebook and enews.


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  May 7th, 2018

  • Amy moved to approve the minutes and Donna 2nd.
  • Qibo Fan will take minutes this year.


Staff Report:  

  • Illene- K-2
    • In Kindergarten students are working on reading and writing sight words in and it, and asking and answering questions in farm books. In writing they are creating and sharing their narrative books and reading them to others. In Math they are acting out story problems, ordering and matching numerals and working on showing 1 more in a number of ways (using manipulatives).  In Science they are learning about animal habitats, parts and needs.  Socially they are working on inviting others to play and learning to play fairly.


  • In First grade students are halfway through module one in Math. In reading they are working on consonant clusters, digraphs and asking questions to increase comprehension.  In writing they are working on small moment narrative pieces and using checklists to revise and edit their work.  In science they are studying the stars, moon and sun and have a Classification Lab coming up soon.  They just finished up a unit on families in social studies.


  • In Second grade reading students are working in guided reading groups and using Benchmark Assessment stories to support comprehension. They are continuing with Making Meaning Stories and reading responses. In writing students are working on personal narratives and editing and revising their pieces.  They worked on a writing piece about their Halloween party. In math they are finishing Module 3, beginning Module 4 and practicing problem solving.  In social studies they have just introduced Citizenship.  They will begin their science unit on Organisms and Pollination after finishing social studies.  In SEL they are working on having confidence.


  • Demetra- 3-5
    • Third Grade has wrapped up small moment narrative writing and salmon studies. The students enjoyed their first field trip to Ballard Locks, which they haven’t done before. It went very well! Teachers are diving into the new social studies curriculum this November. Students will be learning the attributes of geography and looking at landmarks and where people live in the US. Dawn Harper has worked with them on Google Expeditions to find out about places and locations in the regions of the United States.  The VR experience has been incredible and the third graders have been to Rio and all over the world! 


  • Fourth Grade is wrapping up their narrative writing unit, and is moving on to opinion boxes and bullets.  They have enjoyed both the Burke Box and the Burke Museum visit. We are all flipping our Math classrooms, and are seeing the positive results of this new method of teaching. Flipping math is when students watch a teacher created video of the math lesson as homework and then students work on the concepts in class during rotations the following day.  They are working to ensure all students have access to the videos. 


  • Fifth Grade is in the middle of module 2 in math--lots of multiplying.  Teachers have been focusing on science and SEL curriculum this fall. Those areas are wrapping up so they will start social studies curriculum soon.  The students have finished narrative writing, and will soon start information writing. 
  • Donna--Support staff
    • The new security system has gone better than expected and the majority of feedback has been positive. There is still a learning curve with after school events, but overall it has been very positive.  School staff are getting used to navigating the increased security within the school as well.
  • Angela- EA’s


Principal’s Report:  Tia Kleinkopf

  • (SIP) School Improvement Plan
    • Reading is the new focus for the SIP. School leadership has reviewed student reading data, looking for gaps and has identified students receiving interventions (ELL, LAP, IEP) as the focus for their GAP goal.  The next step is creating an action plan.
    • Swati asked how Cascade Ridge data (test scores) compares to other schools/districts. All test data is available on the OSPI website and Tia will send Site Council members information on how to access this data.   


PTSA Report:  Amy Hayes

  • Re-Cap of October PTSA General Membership Meeting
  • Approved PTSA budget and standing rules
  • Color Run was very successful with 98% participation and we raised over $72k. Now we are in the process of purchasing the software licenses for IXL, Raz Kids, Brain Pop and bookroom books.  The licenses are almost done, but the bookroom books will take some time per Tia.
  • Movie Night raised over $1100.  This is our only movie night this year.  There will be a Bingo night in March.
  • Vision and Hearing testing went very smoothly and we had plenty of volunteers.
  • Evereve shopping night raised around $600, Karate West parents’ night out took place 11/2 and 100% of the cost comes back to Cascade Ridge.
  • Update on Fall Programs & Events
    • Kindness week 11/13-11/16
    • Book Fair 11/6-11/8
    • Reflections reception 11/7
    • Holiday Gift Barn 11/26 – 11/30


New Business:

  • Community Questions
    • None at this time
  • Ideas of areas of focus for 2018-2019 Site Council
    • Swati proposed inclusion and kindness in our community, noting the increase in diversity in the neighborhood and the need to see beyond our differences.  To focus on being kind to one another in our school and community. 
    • Illene shared a video, Boomerang, that she had seen and showed to her students that demonstrates the ripple effect of one act of kindness. Tia will share the video link via enews during Kindness week next week.
    • Action item for Site Council members:
      • Bring a video, article, poem, activity etc. concerning kindness and inclusion to share at the next meeting. We plan to share ideas for kindness and inclusion with the school and community after each meeting.


 Adjourn:  Next meeting Jan 7, 2019