Cascade Ridge Elementary

Monday, November 6, 2017

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 4:00pm by Sandy McNees.



School Administrator – Tia Kleinkopf (Principal)

Staff Members –Donna Cleary (staff), Angela Ahlemeyer (staff), Makenzie Lee (Primary rep) Demetra Trull (Intermediate Rep)

Parent/Community Members –AJ Henderson, PJ Maffett, Dafna Tarlowe, April Gregory

PTSA Rep – Sandy McNees (EVP) 


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  Approval of Minutes: April 3rd, 2017.  PJ moved and Dafna seconded – motion to approve the April minutes passed.


 Principal’s Report:  Tia Kleinkopf

  • Reviewed Smarter Balance Assessment (SBA) scores for 3rd through 5th
  • The Gap goal for this SIP is closing the gender gap for writing & reading for 3rd-5th graders, the test scores show that the gap is shrinking. It was also noted that the gap does not exist at the secondary level. A new Gap goal will be developed for the next SIP.


Staff Report:  

Pat Corra – LAP: Reading

  • Reviewed building plan & site council members signed it.
  • The LAP currently has 28 students which Pat works with in small groups 3-4 times/week; Emily has an additional 23 students in the PTSA funded LAP program; there are 9 students on the fringe & not in the program but are getting some one on one assistance; Lexia Reading is a computer reading program that is new this year and there are currently 12 licenses, there is a group of 2nd graders & a group of 4th graders using the program, depending on results of the program, it will be evaluated whether additional licenses would be beneficial.


Donna Cleary – Support Staff

  • With the impending snow, there were many concerned parents calling the school to inquire whether the school would be open. Tia is encouraging parents through eNews to listen to any robotic messages from the school completely before calling the office.



Angela Ahlemeyer – Paraprofessional

  • The social & emotional health curriculum, Second Step, has been launched school wide & the common language around S.T.E.P. has been very helpful for the paraprofessionals to coach students through problem solving. S.T.E.P. stands for Say the problem (without blame), Think of solutions (brainstorm), Explore solutions, & Pick one & try it.
  • The Play Every Day program has been very successful. The YMCA representative (Amon) coordinating the activities during recess has been very committed & passionate about drawing kids out of their small groups & into a larger group activities.


Makenzie Lee- K-2


  • Finished the Farm unit, learning about plants & animal’s needs & parts, & beginning the Community Helper unit.
  • Finished first writing & math units.

First Grade

  • Math – adding & subtracting with 10.
  • Science – unit on sun, moon, & stars; nutrition.
  • Reading – retell & word families.

Second Grade

  • Social Studies – different types of communities; wants/needs.
  • Junior Achievement – guest speaker.
  • Science – finished plants, plant life cycle, growing plants; beginning Frog Hollow Science Lab.


Demetra Trull 3-5

Third Grade

  • Finished Salmon Studies; Lab Kate Poaster on Life Cycles; Hooks and Ladders/ Smell your
  • Finished narrative writing
  • Working on rocks & minerals science kits
  • Math measurement unit
  • Making inferences/ Themes in books

Fourth Grade

  • Finished first unit in writing, narrative, and working toward publishing final pieces. Opinion writing will be next.
  • Completed first Science units, Matter, and Earth & Space. Now working on Social Studies and Washington State books.
  • Continue working on Eureka Math, everyone is in module 3, which focuses on multiplication & division.
  • Each classroom did their first photography assignment, Signs of Autumn, which was accompanied by creative writing and poetry.

Fifth Grade

  • Learning about energy in science and had a great science lab with Kate Poaster. Working on multiplying in math. Getting excited to start information writing.


PTSA Report:  Sandy McNees

  • Re-Cap of October PTSA General Membership Meeting, Color Run – huge success, considering same theme for next year, Movie Night – well attended (173) raised $835, PTSA social – well attended, PTSA 2017-2018 budget approved
  • Update on Fall Programs & Events
    • Book Fair 11/7-11/12
    • Vision and Hearing testing 11/14 – 4th grade will not be tested
    • Holiday Gift Barn 11/27 – 12/1
    • Geography Bee 12/12 – 3rd -5th grade only


New Business:

  • Concern about experience of crossing guards, Angie & Tia noted the concern and will follow up/keep a close eye on the crossing guards.
  • Concern about unlocked front doors of the school. The school is scheduled to be getting a vestibule installed as well as electronic locks to increase the security of the school.  Exact timing is unknown but estimated to be completed during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Consensus by the site counsel to focus on working with parents on Growth Mindset core ideas.


Adjourn:  Next meeting January 8th at 4:00pm

Meeting adjourned – 5:06pm

Site Council November 6 2017 Meeting Minutes.docx