New Challenger Website

We’re happy to announce a newly designed Challenger website! The district’s goal is to make it easier for families to access and use our website. Here are some of the exciting changes which will take place on July 1, 2019:

  • Improved mobile experience – The Challenger website is formatted to work better with smart phones and tablets.
  • Easier to navigate – The toolbar across the top shows you everything at-a-glance, organized into groups for easy searching.
  • Consistent across schools – Soon, all ISD school pages will have a uniform layout and basic organization. Helpful if you have kids at multiple ISD schools!
  • Simplified URL - (the old URL will redirect you to the new site!)
  • Alerts – Emergency alerts posted on the ISD website will automatically show up on Challenger’s website. We can also post FYI reminders (for events, registration, etc).
  • ADA Compliance – We are continuing to work on making our website experience fully accessible to those using screen readers or other accessibility tools.
  • Teacher websites have not changed platforms at this time. We will be working over the coming weeks to ensure all of our previous content was moved and easy to find.

Jennifer Kessler

Principal, Challenger Elementary

Issaquah School District