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Welcome to PE, AKA Physical Education, AKA Health and Fitness!  Most of your questions about PE can be answered on this website.  Most of the day to day questions parents have are addressed in the PE Links and Resources box on the home page.  What is the most common question?  Probably "What days does my child have PE?"  Check PE Schedule. The PE POLICIES page will tell you about the proper shoes and clothing and how to excuse your student in the case of illness or injury.

Also under PE Links and Resources you will find a page entitled RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES.  Here we list all of Seattle’s major sports teams with links to their websites, plus links to local recreational opportunities.  Especially if your family is new to the area, you will want to check out this page.  Under  Resources for Families you will find a great way to learn what students are currently doing in PE.  It's called PE BLOG: What's Happening Now?  Leave a comment or question!

As we head into Spring, 3rd 4th and 5th graders set their fitness goals for the Pacer, Push-up, Curl-up and Flexibility tests.  All grades are learning different styles of kickball and becoming familiar with the concepts of fielding, batting, put-outs, force plays and base running.

Kindest regards,

Bill Mokin

Challenger PE teacher