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February 2017

Dear Challenger PE Fans,


This month the BIG news is GYMNASTICS.  Every other year Challenger gets to host Issaquah’s gymnastics unit – a massive collection of mats and apparatus including balance beams, landing mats, spring boards, parallel bars, horizontal bar, tumbling wedges, vaulting trapezoids, and more.  From the end of February through March all classes will be taking full advantage of this equipment.

Gymnastics is an opportunity for students to expand their horizons, to experience tumbling, balances, landings, rolls and stunts in a safe environment.  There are several components to our safety philosophy

First, Mr. Nakamichi and I teach students to approach the activities and equipment in a very systematic fashion.  This ensures that students are clear on their route, locations, and tasks at all times. 

Second, we show or demonstrate the tasks to students by various methods, and we are on hand at key locations to guide and direct.  But in general, we maintain a hands-off-bodies approach to spotting and supporting.  This means that students only do what their own bodies are capable of doing, and they are never assisted into positions that are beyond their comfort level or their ability to maintain independently. 

Third, all tumbling and gymnastics surfaces are thoroughly padded.  Any tasks involving bars or vaults take place on thick “crash” mats or “marshmallow” mats.

Don’t be misled by this serious safety talk.  Gymnastics is HUGE FUN, and the level of excitement among the students is tremendous!  If you are a parent of a Challenger student and would like to volunteer in PE during our gymnastics unit, please let me know.


Bill Mokin, Challenger PE