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Lots to learn in 3rd grade


Classroom Volunteer Application Now Online

We look forward to having you in our classroom.   The volunteer application is now only available online.  Please complete the Issaquah School District Volunteer Application here.  Your volunteer clearance is valid for a year. 

Upcoming Events

Spring Trimester Three Curriculum

Health - Nutrition - student will be learning to read food labels and about the food groups. We will also continue with our Social/emotional Learning strategies. 


Writing - Once upon a time - adapting fairy tales.  Kids love this unit.  Please take the time to read as many fairy tales as you can together to prepare for this exciting unit.



Math Unit - Eureka 

Fractions Module 5 - In this 35 day module, students extend and deepen 2nd grade practice with “equal shares” to understanding fractions as equal partitions of a whole.  They formalize their knowledge as they work with area models and the number line.  

Collecting and Displaying Data Module 6 - we build on Grade 2 concepts about data, graphing, and line plots. We focus on generating and analyzing different types of data. By the end of the module, students are working with a mixture of scaled picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots to problem solve using categorical and measurement data.

Geometry and Measurement Word Problems Module 7 - students will get intensive practice with word problems, as well as hands-on investigation experiences with geometry and perimeter. Students will solve one- and two-step word problems, classify shapes based on their attributes, learn what a tessellation is, study perimeter and area, and end with a review of Grade 3 fundamental skills.


Reading Strategies: 


Ask and answer questions

Finding Evidence

Determine main idea and themes

Fiction text structure

Point of View

Social Studies:

This spring our class will be focusing on the big idea of Cultures of North America in Social Studies. We will also work on writing a biography of a notable North American.

  • Cultures of North America: This inquiry engages third graders in expanding their understandings of diverse cultures. The compelling question “How do cultures unify and divide us?” is intellectually respectful of students who, by their nature, are interested in people and their similarities and differences. It allows for engagement with several social studies disciplines as students examine diverse cultures.  


We will continue with Weather - noting patterns, minimums and maximum, Celsius and Fahrenheit


Smarter Balance State Testing Information:

We are encouraging all families to set aside just one hour to help your child become familiar with the new online Smarter Balanced state test. Training tests in both Math and English/Language Arts are available online and will allow your child to experience what the Smarter Balanced test is like and be introduced to all the tools needed to take the test online. Click on the green button (shown here) and login as a guest. Be sure to select the appropriate grade level on the login form. The Smarter Balanced website has lots of information on the new tests.



Paying Online

Instructions for Parents Paying Online

Go to the Challenger website . Click on Pay Online.  Sign in with your Family Access user name and passoword.  Your password is your last name and is case sensitive.  You should see a RED notification that your child has fines/fees.  Click on pay and follow directions.  If you need further assistance please call the office.  They will be happy to help.

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