Weekly Work at Home*

Math--zearn.org (online Math), corresponding w/daily class lesson (30 min. max) ; youtube Eureka math lessons (review/relearn daily math lessons)

Practice multiplication/division math facts nightly

Reading--Read 40 min./daily, sharing about your book, article, reading with an adult at home; questioning for understanding 

Keyboarding--Practice keyboarding skills 10-15 min./wkly using Keyboarding Without Tears typing program

*--Total Daily Homework time should not exceed 45-50 min. for 5th Issaquah SD grade students! 

Curriculum Information

New folder.zip5th Gr. Curr. Night PP 18-19.ppt 

5th Gr. Coding Club Link

Trimester III-- Areas of Study


Reader's Workshop--Guided Reading Groups, Mini-lessons, Read w/partner & self, Fantasy Book Clubs, 

Reading Skills--Inferring, Finding Evidence, Main Idea, Summarizing, Theme, Text Complexity, Author's Point-of-View and Author's Purpose 

Writing Workshop--Writing Workshop Routines; Figurative Language, Argument Writing, Memoir Writing 


Challenger Math Resources

Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions

Module 5: Addition & Multiplication of Volume & Area

Module 6: Problem-Solving with the Coordinate Plane

Social Studies:

U.S. Revolution, U.S. Government


Life Science--Structures, Behaviors, Heredity & Adaptations; Experimenting with Fast Plants; Force & Motion 

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL):

Problem-Solving, Making a Plan, Dealing with Gossip, Dealing with Peer Pressure