MCO CLAN Sechedule

Monday: Music Music                                                    

Tuesday: PE 

Wednesday: Music Music

Thursday: PE                               

Friday: Library                          

Math Skills Practice

Multiplication Flashcards: 10 minutes Daily

Quizlet......a great free app for practice in all areas...especially math facts!

IXL Log on and practice those math facts!

Flashlight tag...put up flashcards around the room, turn off the lights, and turn on a flashlight and call out the answers to problems you shine a light on!

Bounce a basketball and say your facts or do bounce passes with a friend and call out fact problems and answers as you do it. How fast can you pass?

Smarter Balanced Assessment

The ISD is encouraging all families to set aside just one hour to help your child become familiar with the new online Smarter Balanced state test. Training tests in both Math and English/Language Arts are available online and will allow your child to experience what the Smarter Balanced test is like and be introduced to all the tools needed to take the test online. Click on the green button (shown here) and login as a guest. Be sure to select the appropriate grade level on the login form. The Smarter Balanced website has lots of information on the new tests including a helpful FAQ.