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August 30, 2019



3...Meet the Teacher 9:30AM

PTA Popsicles on the Playground

4...First Day of School Grades 1 - 5

9...First Day of School Kindergarten

16..Picture Day

17..Coffee with Christy 9:30 P9

20...PTA Recess with Kids

25...Curriculum Night SAGE/PEP 5:15 - 6:00 3-5 6:00-6:45 K-2 7:00-7:45

News from the Office

Teacher Assignments

Teacher assignments will be available in your Family Access account on Friday, August 30th at 5:00PM

Meet the Teacher

Tuesday, September 3rd our doors will open at 9:30AM for all families to visit their classroom and meet the teacher. The event will run for an hour and end promptly at 10:30AM so staff can finalize preparations for the first day of school.

Picture Day

Monday, September 16 is School Picture Day. Your child will bring home an order form. Purchasing photos is optional, however every student will have their photo take.

Curriculum Night

Wednesday, September 25th is Curriculum Night. This is an opportunity for parents to come to the classroom and spend some time learning about the curriculum for the school year.

Coffee with Christy

Please join Principal Christy Otley on Tuesday, September 17th at 9:30AM for her first Coffee with Christy of the school year.

Attendance Reminder

Perhaps the most important factor in your child’s classroom success this year is attendance. Daily attendance and active participation in class are critical parts of the learning process. We accomplish a great deal during the school day. Much of the day includes explicit and direct teaching, partner or group work, conversation, and discussion. When you child misses school, he or she is missing much more than just assignments. Please do all that you can to insure your child is in attendance everyday.

On Time: It is very important that your child be on time each day. Learning begins promptly at 9:15AM each morning. When students arrive late, it disrupts the learning of the entire class.

To Report an Absence...

To report an absence please call the safe arrival line at 425-837-6420 or email

Always Remember...

To Contact the office,, if you have a change in phone number or email. Also contact the office within 5 school days following any change of address.

To Ensure our Dismissal Process Runs Smoothly...

In order to ensure the safety of our students, diminish end of the day classroom interruptions, and ensure our dismissal process runs smoothly, we are asking families to avoid requesting dismissal the last 20 minutes of the day. Avoiding these unnecessary interruptions also allows us to support those families who do experience emergency situations that require the release of their child during this busy dime. Outside of such emergency situations, we would request that normal release time and dismissal routine be followed. If you are dismissing early due to a doctor with your student the next day.

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up Traffic Procedures

Please note that ALL parent traffic should approach the school via 1st Avenue near the community center. This includes student drop-off, student pick-up, and parent parking. The other access point (via Clark Street alongside the pool) is RESTRICTED ACCESS for staff and bus access only. Parents should NOT drop off, pick up, or park in the pool parking lot.

A few reminders to keep traffic flow moving:

Drop-off: Have your child ready to get out of the vehicle. Pull up in the drop-off lane, proceed past the crosswalk and have your child get out on the sidewalk side.

Pick-up: Please stay in your vehicle and have your child get into your vehicle once you have passed the crosswalk. It is very important and necessary that we keep the traffic moving. Please do not leave your vehicle in the drop-off/pick-up lane for any reason. If it is necessary to come into the school, please park your vehicle in a designated parking spot.

Our wonderful Para Professionals may ask you to please move forward if you forget, or will remind you to park your vehicle if you need to go into the office. Thank you for being considerate of the others around you.

Also, a friendly reminder: leave the handicap spaces for those that need them; please don’t park or even wait for your child without the special permit or license plate on your vehicle.

News from the District

The Highly Capable Program Referral Window is Open September 1st through September 15th

Referrals of students to determine possible eligibility for the Highly Capable Program will be accepted online beginning September 1 through September 15.

*Please note, all kindergarten students will be screened this fall to determine eligibility for further testing for possible selection into the Highly Capable program.

The District’s referral procedure may include screening procedures as allowed by state statute. Please go to the Highly Capable website for further information and to access the online referral questionnaire and referral form. Individuals making a referral must use the District provided online referral form. The following exceptions will apply:

1. Referrals will not be accepted for students who were tested for the Highly Capable Program in the previous school year.

2. Referrals for second grade students will not be accepted as testing for these students will occur mid-year.

3. Referrals for students new to the district who enroll after September 15 will be accepted for ten (10) school days from the enrollment date.

4. Students new to the district enrolling after the Highly Capable fall testing window who meet the screening criteria will be assessed prior to the beginning of the next school year.

Students may be referred by individuals including teachers, other staff, parents, and members of the community