Hello Creekside Families ~

Today, we practiced a FULL lock down drill.  The kids and staff did a GREAT job and I am very proud of how quickly and quietly our school was 100% locked down. 

You may wonder, what do I do if there is a lock down while I’m visiting the school!?!?  Follow the staff and students as they KNOW what to do!  I don’t want to share all of our safety secrets for security purposes.  Don’t run out of the building as you may be putting yourself in danger and opening up the locked down school for an unexpected visitor.

You also may wonder, why do we practice such scary drills!?!?  We practice so that IF we have a real situation that requires us to use such a plan, the staff and students automatically know what to do.  Monthly drills are mandated by Washington state law too.  

As parents, we always tend to jump to the worst case scenario.  Please know that we practice drills regularly to handle the unexpected things that come our way.  Sometimes the unexpected things are as cool as a bear roaming our playground while others can be as scary as police activity in the area.  It’s important to remain CALM and know that we are keeping your kiddos safe!  Please know that we won’t be answering phones, checking e-mail or checking out children during an emergency as our first priority will be the children’s safety.  We will move to reunification if needed once we are “all clear.”

 For further safety information check out the district website's emergency info page.


Tera Coyle
Creekside Elementary
Issaquah School District