Welcome to Kindergarten!

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, October 22nd:
    • Vision and Hearing Screening
    • Art Lesson: 1:15-2:05 (Rescheduled from 10/11)
      • Volunteers Needed

  • Thursday, October 24th -  Kindergarten Science-to-Go Lab
    • "Under Our Feet: Exploring Rocks, Minerals & Soil

  • Friday, October 25th - PTSA Halloween Bash
    • 5:30-7:30 PM

  • Thursday, October 31st 11:00-12:00 - Classroom Halloween Party!
    • Volunteers needed. E-mail Weilin if you can help set up, during, and clean up.
    • All hands on deck! Sign up to send in party supplies or activities.
    • Kindergarten students may wear their costumes to school for the day. (No masks or costume weapons of any kind.) 

  • Tuesday, November 5th - Thursday, November 7th - Kindergarten CogAT Screener
Bits & Bobs

October 17th

Hello Families,
Tomorrow is our big day at Jubilee Farms! As I look out the window and read the weather forecast for tomorrow, it is clear that we need put that old Pacific Northwest adage to use: There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!
Please send your child to school in their rain gear -- rain coat with a hood, warm layers underneath, and rain/muck boots. Please also send in a change of socks and shoes in a plastic bag for your child to wear the rest of the day at school. No umbrellas please. Important note: a hoodie sweatshirt is not a rain coat with a hood ;)
Please send in a snack and lunch for your student. We will be back at Creekside for our normal lunch time. Students may buy hot lunch as well - I'll get their orders in before we leave.
We will have loads of fun and great learning in spite of the rain! Chaperones, please send your student to school in the normal way and meet us at Jubilee at 9:45. We'll see you there!
Many thanks,

October 9th

Lots of announcements today: 

  • Thanks to those families who have already donated to the Creekside Hawk-a-Thon. Please keep those donations coming in to support our school!

  • The October Art Lesson is rescheduled to Tuesday 10/22 from 1:15-2:05. Please see the widget above with a full list of Art Lesson dates for the year.

  • Please read this page for all the details about our upcoming field trip to Jubilee Farms! 

  • Our class Halloween Party is coming up on 10/31 from 11:00-12:00. We need everyone's help to make it a success! Please visit the Sign Up Genius to select a snack, supply, or activity to send in. (FYI, I noticed at Target that they have several awesome ready-made activities and crafts specifically for classroom Halloween parties. All were in the $5 range. You can also find great ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.) We also need volunteers to help set up (at 10:35), run stations (11-12), and clean up (at 12:00). Please e-mail Weilin if you can volunteer to help.

October 3rd

Tomorrow is Creekside's Hawk-a-Thon kickoff. As you may already know, the annual Hawk-a-Thon is our school's one and only fundraiser for the year. One hundred percent of the money raised throughout this fundraiser goes right into programming for our students. Wonderful programs like Art Docent, Science-to-Go, Destination Imagination, Family Fun Nights - and more - are made possible by funds raised during Hawk-a-Thon. It also covers generous stipends for classroom teachers and even some Para Professional support in our building.
The Hawk-a-Thon will kick off with an all-school Assembly tomorrow morning. It is a very exciting event featuring music, visiting former Seahawk players, and Blitz (the Seahawk mascot)! This is Kindergarten's first all-school event of this kind, and it can be a bit overwhelming for some students. I will be with our class the entire time. If you think your child will have a difficult time with all the excitement, please send me an e-mail. We do have ear protection for those students with noise sensitivity. I'll monitor them all during the assembly and have a plan B in place if they need to leave the event.
Also, students asked me to remind you that it is Popcorn Friday tomorrow ;) If your child is bringing lunch from home, please place their quarter in their lunchbox. If they are buying hot lunch, I'll help them manage their quarter.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

September 23rd

Good morning all,
I made a mistake in my Friday Update on the date for the first Art Docent lesson. It will be on Monday, 9/30 from 1:15-2:05. If you can volunteer to help, please e-mail me.
Thanks and have a great week!

September 20th

Happy Friday, Families!

Wow, what a great week of learning! It is truly amazing to see the growth in your students in just 10 days of Kindergarten. They are really getting the hang of our school routines and expectations. They are becoming a cohesive group of classmates and friends. I am enjoying getting to know them and can already tell they LOVE writer’s workshop, learning to draw, and math!

There is so much info to share:

  • We had our first Fire Drill They did an excellent job of turning their voices off, looking to their teacher, listening to directions, and calmly walking to our safe spot on the sand field. We will continue to work on asking no questions until after the emergency drill is over and we are safely back in our classrooms. Luckily, this first drill was conducted without the alarm. I did tell them that the alarm is LOUD and it will probably startle them. Practicing drills helps us know what to do if a real emergency happens at school. Please reinforce this at home.

  • We will have our first Art Docent lesson next Friday, September 27th from 1:15-2:05. This project involves clay, so we’ll need many extra helping hands. If you can volunteer to help, please e-mail me. Big thanks to Mary H. and Monica P. for heading up our Art Docent lessons this year.


  • I am still in need of a room parent to coordinate our two parties (Halloween and Valentine’s Day) for the year. I do have someone to liaison with the PTSA (thanks Weilin Z!), but I do indeed need a person (or two) to plan these special events. Please e-mail me if you can help. Thanks!


  • Speaking of volunteering, if you plan to volunteer at Creekside, please make sure you have completed a Volunteer Application with the district. This application must be updated each school year. You can find information and the application here: https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/human-resources/volunteers


  • If your child cannot tie their own shoes, please send them to school with Velcro or slip-on shoes. As you can imagine, I can’t keep up with tying 36 shoes multiple times a day ;) This is an excellent skill to practice at home. Thank you!


  • Thanks for sending in those popcorn quarters today. Please put them in your child’s lunchbox, so it is ready and waiting for them after lunchtime. That makes it less likely that they’ll lose it before lunch. Less likely, but not un likely. We talked today about how they are responsible to keep track of their own quarter. If they lose it, or forget it, we say “Oh well, there’s always next week!” For hot lunchers, I have a system for hanging onto their quarters until lunchtime.

My gosh, that’s enough for now! Enjoy your weekend with your sweet kiddos!


Melissa Bramble

Welcome to Kindergarten in Room 165! I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you at Meet the Teacher and Family Connection Meetings next week. We are going to have a great year of learning, playing, and growing together! Please check this website often for upcoming events, announcements, our academic focus, helpful links and home practice.

There are a few things you can do to help your child have a successful transition to Kindergarten. Have your child practice:

  • Putting on/taking off their own coat and managing zips, buttons, snaps.
  • Opening and closing their own lunch box and managing any food/beverage containers/lids.
  • Attending to all their bathroom needs independently, including snapping and zipping pants.
  • How they get home. We will have special color coded tags that will identify how they get home and they will have assistance getting to the correct dismissal area, but it is very important that your child knows how s/he gets home (bus, parent pick up, after school care.)
  • Waiting patiently ;)
  • Bedtime and morning routines to get adjusted to their new schedules.

Most of all, give lots of encouragement and reassurance to your child as they navigate this exciting new experience. Kindergarten is truly a special time in your child's life and I am so happy that I get to be a part of it with you and your kiddo!


Melissa Bramble