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Tuesday, September 3 - Meet the Teacher (bring your supplies!)

Wednesday, September 4 - First Day of School (1:30 pm dismissal)

Wednesday, September 11 - Curriculum Night 7:00 - 7:30 pm




Class Expectations
  • respect for self, property, and others
  • behave in a way that does not cause a problem for others
  • be quiet and listen when the teacher is talking 

These are the key learning goals for 2nd grade.

English Language Arts (ELA)

Understand the main idea in various texts, participate in class discussions, and write for different reasons and audiences.


Extend understanding of place value to add and subtract within 1000 and solve word problems using concrete models and drawings.


Learn about the diversity of life in different habitats, bodies of water, and how wind and water can change the shape of land.

Social Studies

Investigate the geographic and economic aspects of community life and how communities organize themselves.

Health and Fitness

Learn about body systems and the relationship between behaviors, choices and consequences to prevent illness and disease. 

The Arts

Explore movement; develop singing skils; demonstrate audience skills; explore art genres and styles.