Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Arrival/drop off
Student pick-up 
Daily Snacks
Buying Cafeteria Lunch
Drinks and Bathrooms

Specialist Schedule

Tuesday-Music, Library


To help your child transition more smoothly to kindergarten, below are some tips and suggestions.

  • Practice opening and closing all lunchboxes, plastic containers, juice boxes and thermoses
  • Practice packing up lunchbox and cleaning up after themself
  • Practice unzipping, packing up and zipping up backpacks
  • Practice snapping and zipping all pants and jackets
  • Practice writing first name
  • Practice keeping hands, feet and voice to self
locating documents


To access current and previous newsletters, curriculum, and "Please sign up" documents,   click on "files".


classroom phone: 425-837-5222


 Dolores Dalo, Office Registrar,  phone number: 425-837-5200.
Please phone Dolores, instead of me,  if you have a change in your child's transportation plan the day of the change. She will get the message to me!


Classroom Expectations

Listen while the teacher is talking.
Follow directions quickly.
Raise your to speak.
Respect yourself, respect others and respect the school.
Be safe and be honest.


Volunteer Spot

Volunteers- Opportunities will be available starting in October!