Dear Grand Ridge families,

We want to make you aware that an attempted luring was reported to police on Monday, April 15, 2019. A female Pacific Cascade Middle School student was approached after school by a male stranger after exiting the school bus near the park near Grand Ridge Elementary School. The stranger told the girl her parents had asked him to pick her up. She immediately left the area, went home, and informed her parents, who notified the Issaquah Police Department and District security.

The stranger is described as having a pale complexion, clean shaven, and probably between 20 and 25 years old. The vehicle is described as a silver sedan. If you have information about this incident or the person involved, please contact the Issaquah Police Department at 425-837-3200.

Student safety is always a priority and we would like to offer some tips for talking with students about family safety rules and keeping them safe.

Safety advice for students:
• Never talk to a stranger.
• Never let a stranger get too close, whether the stranger is in a car or walking.
• Never tell a stranger any personal information, such as your name, age, or address.
• Always try to walk in pairs with a friend or an adult.
• Stick to safe, well-lit paths when walking.
• Do not obstruct your hearing with iPods or portable music players when walking or   waiting outside.
• If a stranger tries to grab you, yell as loud as you can and run away.
• Always alert an adult immediately if you are approached by a suspicious person.


Jill Ravenscraft