The last day of school…the closing of one door and the opening of another. I want to thank each child for the memories and the learning that we have shared this school year. To our students, we say thank you! For when we teach, we also learn. This past year we have grown together. To the parents, we say thank you for allowing us to educate your child. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for us all.

Have a restful and relaxing summer!

Michelle Pickard
IVE Principal

Summer Reading Options
Reading is just like exercising! We encourage students to read in an effort to strengthen their reading skills. Just like exercising keeps muscles in shape, reading keeps the brain in shape! If you don't exercise, you lose muscle, and if you don't read, you will lose literacy skills. Reading over summer vacation may not be a priority for children, but parents and teachers can make it one! Why? Summer reading is critical to a child's ability to not only retain information learned the previous year, but also to grow in knowledge and critical thinking for the coming year. Reading on a daily basis helps to strengthen and maintain literacy skills. Here are a few ideas to help students keep reading this summer!