We have experienced a higher than normal volume of kids complaining of ear pain in the health room and upon observation, it appears that lots of kids have VERY DIRTY EARS!!

I have seen a large amount of brown waxy buildup that is visible to the naked eye on the outside of the ear canal.  While we want wax lining the ear canal to protect from everyday dust and dirt, we should not be able to visualize and abundance of it on the outside of the canal. 

How to do routine ear cleaning

Your child’s ears should be cleaned regularly to remove any dirt. The safest way to do this is to use a soft washcloth or a cotton swab around the outside of the ear.

Remember, “nothing smaller than your elbow” should be put in your child’s ear. Putting anything into the ear canal will only pack dirt in further.  If you feel that your child may have hardened wax, call your pediatrician to ask the best method that they recommend for treating this.  It can impact their ability to hear fully and thus learn all we have to teach them at school!!

When to see a doctor

See your doctor if:

  • you notice any blood, oozing or pus
  • your child is in pain, has a fever or experiences any change in their hearing.

Also see your doctor if you see anything stuck in your child’s ear