Welcome Back from Spring Break!  I hope you are all feeling rested and restored and ready to finish out the year strong! 

Here’s what’s happening in the music room:

5th Grade:

Fifth graders are continuing their commercial project.  They have created their products and written background music for their ad copy.  Next they will be creating a jingle to promote their product and presenting their work to the class.  In May, we will start a short recorder unit.  

4th Grade:

Fourth graders had a great program and are finishing out their recorder unit with some belt testing and composing.  Next up will be world music.  

Just a reminder about recorders:
Students can continue to test through the end of May.  There are multiple ways to test:

  • During class when we have time through April.  This is usually done in groups of 3-4 students.  Students play the piece together in front of the class. 
  • During lunch recess on Wednesdays by appointment.  Any students ready to test can come in during this time.  Testing is usually done in groups of 3-4 students at a time.
  • Via email.  Students have a page of directions in their folders on how to email their test videos from home. 
  • By appointment.  Students can arrange to meet with me before or after school by appointment and can do a private testing. 

3rd Grade:
Third Graders are busily preparing for their music program which will focus on traditional American folk songs along with accompaniments for those pieces and dances performed with the songs.

Third Grade Music Program 
Thursday, May 23rd

6:30 PM in the MPR

2nd Grade:
Second graders have finished their keyboard unit and are now moving into a unit on World Music.  During this unit, they will explore duple and triple meters.  

1st Grade:
First Graders are learning about rhythm composition and form.  They too will be beginning a World Music unit after the break.

Kindergarten is focusing musical expression and form this month.  They will be learning about Native American music.