Quick Links for Parents:

Have you ever been so excited to hear that it may rain? :) I am hopeful that we will be back to school tomorrow. If we are, my other big dream is outdoor recess. With a slush covered playground, we will need to make the decision just before each recess. In case we do get to play outside, I ask that you send your child in or with snow/slush clothing. You could send boots for them to change into for recess along with extra socks. They could come dressed for snow all day. It is up to you. 

I share our plan so we can partner around keeping our kids warm all day long. We do not have enough clothing in our health room to offer dry socks, pants, etc. to 738 children. Can you imagine the laundry if we did? 

Our parking lot has a lot of slush but I was able to drive in without any issues. As long as we all go slowly, we drop off will be fine.

Stayed tuned to our ISD website for updates on Thursday's school schedule. 

Take care,


Leslie Lederman, Principal

playground covered in snow

playground covered in snow