Quick Links for Parents:


As we head into a busy holiday period, please remember we need to know, before an absence, if you are taking your child out of school or away on vacation. 

If your student will miss one or two days of school, please email the office at SHAttendance@issaquah.wednet.edu with the following information: student name, teacher, dates of absence and reason for absence.  If you’re going to be gone three consecutive schools days or more, you need to fill out the appropriate form below and return it to the office one week prior to the first day of the absence.  

If you're going to be gone more than 2 days, use the link above (it is in every eNews) to access the correct form. One form is for 3-20 days. The other is for 21+ days. Forms are completed and submitted to our office. 

Thank you,


Leslie Lederman, Principal