Counselor Corner

October updates from Ms. Schulenberg


Monthly Class Lessons: Click here for my October Lessons.

Disability Awareness and Bully Prevention Month:

Did you know that October is Disabilities Awareness and Bully Prevention month? To celebrate the unique needs of many of our students, we will provide school-wide teaching about disabilities in the lunchroom this month. We will teach about different disabilities, learning needs and accommodations at school. We remind students that we always expect them to treat each other with kindness regardless of our differences.

  • Here is a supplemental book list to explain disabilities/inclusion to your child: org.
  • If you have a student with a disability, and would like their class to have a discussion about their disability and the impact it has on their learning and/or behavior, please let us know.

Bully Prevention:

I will teach the Second Step Bully Prevention Unit to all grade-levels this year. These lessons teach students how to feel safe and respected, to recognize, report, and refuse bullying and to be a bystander with bystander power.

  • For more information about our Bully Prevention Curriculum and to support your child at home, click Here.
  • Here is a blog with a list of children’s books about Bully Prevention.
  • We were also visited by Taproot Theater for our annual Bully Prevention Assembly!

Parent Education Events:

  • Aggression replacement: This training will explore alternatives to physical violence and equip caregivers with tools to help our youth trade physical violence with more useful strategies.
    • Date: October 9th 10am-4pm
    • To register and find out more information about YMCA Parenting Workshops click Here


  • ParentWiser Event: Normal Sucks: How to Live, Learn, and Thrive Outside the Lines: Mediates on neuro-diversity, offering the radical message that we should stop trying to fix people and start empowering them to succeed.
    • Date: 10/22/19 @ 7pm
    • To register and find out more information about ParentWiser events click Here.