Dear Issaquah High community,

Issaquah High School was noted twice in the news today.  The first headline was High Schools Ranked Among the State’s Best and the other was about a contest called May Madness
We are honored by being named among Washington State’s best high schools based on our performance in math, reading and college readiness.  What the article doesn’t say is that Issaquah High School is a place with amazing students, committed staff and a caring and compassionate community. 

The motto most frequently associated with Issaquah High is PRIDE AND TRADITION. We are saddened by the articles noting May Madness as a ‘tradition’ among IHS students.  There is nothing ‘proud’ about what is taking place.  May Madness pits IHS girls against one another in a ‘hotness’ contest.  They are objectified and voted on. 

Issaquah High School does not condone in any way the actions of the individuals perpetuating this practice.  If there is an appearance of apathy on the part of the school and district, it is misleading.  We are working with the Issaquah Police Department to identify the site location and the individuals involved.  With the assistance of the cybercrimes detective we were able to shut down the site last year.

I would ask that parents take a moment to speak with your children about the negative impact of this activity.  In past years, when we have spoken with parents whose students were involved in this activity, we have been surprised by them finding our outrage overblown and amusing.   There is nothing amusing about this.  It is degrading and demoralizing. Issaquah High School is better than this. 

This issue truly takes a village – we need students, parents, the media and the school to all own a portion of the solution. 

Paula Phelps, Principal