Issaquah High Families,

We'd love for you to ask your student about today's “SAFER Choices” program brought to us with support from Issaquah Schools Foundation.  The Center for Respect’s Founder, Mike Domitrz, shared some great information with our students.

How can you keep the conversation going at home?  Attend Thursday night's fun, interactive, and thought-provoking session hosted by Mike Domitrz (an award-winning author and speaker) that is just for parents.  The 1 hour session will start at 7:00pm  in the Issaquah High Theater.  Don’t miss out! 

The Center for Respect’s HELP! My Teen Is Dating.  Real Solutions to Tough Conversations is praised by parents and educators as a “Must Have” resource.  The live evening program is promised to be fun, interactive, thought-provoking, and sure to leave you with a few simple tips you can apply immediate in your own home.


We’d like to say another thanks to ISF for the support they provided in bringing this unique educational opportunity to our students!  Many times school districts miss out on programs like this because of a lack of resources or the community’s fear of  discussing sensitive topics. Providing social/behavioral health to our students’ lives is stronger when we do it together as a community with school and parent partnerships.  I hope your student has at least one takeaway to share with you tonight about what they heard today. 

STUDENTS: Please take this survey about today's assembly.. 


Andrea McCormick